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Knowing the Basics: A Beginner’s Guide

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Bitcoin Basics

Most traders who are new to the industry are intrigued by cryptocurrency trading and its promised opportunities. Trading, in general, can be too tricky and confusing at first look. However, when you study and learn everything you need, you will understand a lot about it.

New traders are at greater risk of making mistakes and acquiring potential losses since they have no or lack the experience to know how to react to the market’s volatility. This article is a simple guide that can help you understand the market better.

What Is the Cryptocurrency Market?

What makes the cryptocurrency market so popular? The cryptocurrency market is where cryptocurrency exchange happens. It’s a place and a platform that allows anyone to buy, sell, and exchange any cryptocurrency. Markets enable traders to purchase, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies to real money currencies.

There are many cryptocurrency markets and platforms that you can choose from to trade on. One of the many reputable ones is Redot. It’s a trading platform that can be accessed through the website redot.com.

How to Practice Trading?

Trading is a challenging yet straightforward task. Learning how it works is a requirement if you plan to be a successful trader. A guaranteed way to learn is to practice trading. And generally, there are two main ways you can practice: using your real trading account and using a demo account.

When you practice trading, you will learn how to properly analyze the market, which can help you in better decision-making. You can create a strategy from all the experience you gather with your practices and use this to earn more profit.

Practice With Your Trading Account

Trading with your real account and using your money is a great way to learn, but it’s also nerve-wracking. When trading with your own account, you get to experience everything firsthand. You can win and lose for real, so lessons are better remembered.

Before you can practice, you first need to have a wallet. A crypto wallet is a place where you put all your private keys needed for your transactions. It may also help in encrypting your information whenever you sign in to your account.

To create an account, you have to sign up to any trading platform you want and provide all required information and go through all the verifications needed. With your new account, you can now deposit the money within the allowed limit of the platform and the payment method you prefer. After that, you can now buy, sell, or exchange.

Since you’re a beginner, you might get confused or anxious with everything shown on your screen. The following are some points that will help you practice trading efficiently:

1.    Use the Money You Can Afford to Lose

This is applicable even when you’re not practicing. When you practice trading, remember that you’re still not familiar and knowledgeable about how the trading market works. Gaining experience is your priority to help you trade better in the future. Also, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and changes happen often.

Deposit and use only the amount of money you can afford to lose. Start with a small investment. Don’t spend all of your savings if you don’t have a net to fall back on. Using only a portion of your money will make it less risky.

2.    Research the Market

You must know how the market works. Do a thorough analysis of it to understand how it operates. There’s always something to learn, and you can incorporate them into your following trades. When you research and analyze the market, you can also develop strategies you can use in the future. 

3.    Set Up Take Profit and Stop Loss Orders

It’s also useful when you set up various profit targets and Stop Loss orders so you can stick to whichever is the best on your following trades. Be strict about this so you won’t overdo your trades and lose so much in the end.

4.    Try Different Cryptocurrencies

The market is constantly moving and changing. It’s good practice to diversify your trading portfolio and not just focus on one cryptocurrency all the time. Usually, new traders tend to focus more on Bitcoin and sometimes disregard its downfalls. Don’t be afraid to try other types of cryptocurrency, especially those that are profitable at the moment.

Other types of cryptocurrency include:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Stellar
  • Neo
  • Cardano
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple and many more

5.    Be Cautious

Practice teaches you not to be a reckless trader. Always be cautious and remain rational. Being carried away by excitement or fear often leads to risks and losses. Be alert and continually assess a situation first before purchasing, selling, or exchanging. Trading is not a game of chance, and you can do a lot to turn the waves in your favor.


If you registered to a trading platform that offers a demo account, take advantage of it. A demo account or mode is an excellent way to practice trading since you have nothing to lose here.

With a demo account, you can practice trading at various levels and see how they will end without spending money. Similarly, when you gain profit in a demo trade, you don’t get to have the profit because you didn’t risk an investment in the first place.

Trading isn’t something to be scared of, primarily when you practice patience and keep learning. With a great understanding of how the market works and excellent strategies from your practices, you can score a fair profit. Take your time in learning what you can, and don’t just dive in headfirst to the trading industry without properly knowing what you should.

Table of Contents


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