KuCoin Proudly Announced The Listing Of CPChain’s CPC Currency

CPChain CPC is now part of KuCoin‘s promising tradable tokens. They have announced the listing with trading pairs CPC/BTC and CPC/ETH.

Deposits are now available to be transacted utilizing KuCoin’s app or to their official website,, while buying commence at 19:30 UTC+8 and selling/withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

About CPChain

CPChain is proposing to be the next generation of IOTA, for IoT (internet of things). IoT is the interconnection of devices with the internet and thus can be implemented to the blockchain. They want to fix bottleneck problems, cost, security, and privacy issues, which are the significant responsibilities for the emerging technology. These problems are limiting scaling. The adoption of IoT technology depends on them being resolved.

CPChain CPC Utilization

CPC is the main asset on CPChain, CPC’s worth foundation is that it can efficiently recognize and measure digital economic activity. The value of CPC is based on two plausible business requirements. One is that the application of CPChain operates an exact amount of CPC as fuel. The other is administering CPC a symbol of participating in the community governance.

1) The total cost of the CPC is 1 billion, which will be generated when the main network is online.

2) Normal nodes in the CPC network (non-DAPP application nodes) have the power to send a settled number of free transactions daily. If this number is exceeded or the transaction frequency is too fast, the system will impose a fee.

3) To guarantee the security of communication and computing resources, DAPP application developers must hold a corresponding value of tokens according to the resources to be engaged by the application and may charter them if the number of tokens is not fitting.

4) For transactions happening from DAPP applications, DAPP developers generate the corresponding costs and give leasing payments to miners who give rental tokens.

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