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Learn 2 Trade – Automated Forex Signals in Real-Time

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The forex trading industry is a multi-trillion dollar space, with big banks exchanging currencies on a 24/7 basis. With that said, forex trading is big business in the retail trading space too, with thousands of platforms allowing you to buy and sell currencies at the click of a button.

Those that are successful in the forex arena know the importance of technical analysis. This is where you are required to perform in-depth research on historical charting patterns – and how these patterns might impact the currency pair’s future price.

However, having the capacity to analyse dozens of currency pairs at any given time is no easy feat. Even if you were able to commit the required time to monitor heaps of pairs concurrently, your research would likely yield ineffective results.

As such, it is well worth considering a forex signals service. Providers such as Learn 2 Trade facilitate real-time notifications when a trading opportunity arises – as per the automated technology that scans thousands of pricing potentialities on a second-by-second basis.

How do Forex Signals Work?

In a nutshell, forex signals provide trading suggestions on a range of currency pairs. While some focus exclusively on majors, others will explore minors and exotics too. The overarching concept is that the forex signals service will seek to scan thousands of potential trading scenarios on a rolling basis.

It does so by utilising a range of technical indicators, with the view of analysing how historical charting patterns correlate to the asset’s current market price. In the vast majority of cases – including that of Learn 2 Trade, the underlying technology is automated.

This ensures that the signal algorithm is able to perform research far and beyond what a human trader could. Once the automated protocol has identified a potential trading opportunity, it will then notify its subscribers. Each signal contains the required information for the trader to then place an order and hopefully – make a profit.

Learn 2 Trade Signal Service

The Learn 2 Trade signal service provides five key pieces of information to those that have subscribed. At the forefront of this is the currency pair that the signal is related to – such as GBP/USD, and the reason behind the trade. For example, if the algorithm has identified that GBP/USD is heavily overbought and is due to encounter a market correction, then Learn 2 Trade subscribers will be made aware of this.

Learn 2 Trade signal alerts also come with the required entry and exit prices. This includes:

  • Entry Price

    This is the price in which the trader should open the order. For example, the signal might state that the subscriber should place a sell order on GBP/USD at 1.3145
  • Stop-Loss Order

    Although the Learn 2 Trade forex signals service has yielded impressive results to date, there will always come a time when trades do not go in your favour.
    As such, the system provides the necessary stop-loss order price. This ensures that your losses are kept to an absolutely minimum in the event of an unfavourable market move.

  • Take-Profit Order

Learn 2 Trade subscribers will also receive the take-profit order price that should be implemented into the trade. This is crucial, as it ensures that you are able to lock in your profits even if you’re away from your device – or the trigger point is activated outside of daytime hours. After all, forex trading is a 24/7 battleground.

As you can see from the above, Learn 2 Trade subscribers have all of the required entry and exit points to place a trade on the back of a suggestion. The key point here is that once the signal has been acted on, the trader does not need to do anything else. This is because both the stop-loss and take-profit triggers have been set, so the outcome of the trade is fully automated.

Forex Signal Packages

Learn 2 Trade is clear on the fact that it does not offer a free forex signals service – and for good reason. While you will not struggle to find a free alternative elsewhere, these often come with limited results.

Crucially, free trade signals commonly come without the entry price point, which essentially makes the signal worthless. As a result, Learn 2 Trade offers three simple paid-for packages – all of which come with both the entry and exit points.

  • 1 Month Package: $25
  • 3 Month Package: $55 ($18.33 per month)
  • 6 Month Package: $85 ($14.16 per month)

All three packages include three forex signals per day. Best of all, Learn 2 Trade offers a 100% money-back guarantee for those of you that have a change of mind.

The Verdict?

Forex trading signals such as those offered by Learn 2 Trade are an important tool for all online traders to possess. They allow you to benefit from real-time trading suggestions without needing to analysis dozens of currencies simultaneously.

Table of Contents


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