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Ledger Nano S – 21% Cheaper Between 24-27th November

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you are responsible for the safekeeping of your own money. Cryptocurrencies are kept in wallets, and the safety of your money depends on how good and secured you keep your wallet.

All wallets have private keys, even the wallets with exchanges (though you do not have access to private keys of wallets on exchanges). These keys are what grants anyone access to whatever unit of cryptocurrencies you have, so you want to make sure no one has got access to them.

What Are Hardware Wallets?
  • They are considered the most secure of all variants of wallets. Their significant advantages over other wallets are:
  • They are immune to computer viruses that access software wallet.
  • They are used interactively and securely unlike the paper wallets that need to be imported to software.
  • Private keys of hardware wallets are stored on protected areas of the device and are not transferred out in plaintext.

One point to take note of is that how secured your hardware wallet relies on the quality of its implementation. So you need to make sure you are using the best hardware wallet available that has been proven and trusted to be on the safe side.

What Makes The Ledger Nano S Different?

The Ledger Nano S is one of the best hardware wallets out there. The device stores your private keys offline, in a secured environment, unlike wallets which have their private keys on an online computer/device which are easy targets for hackers.

With buttons on Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet, security is one more level higher. Transactions from the wallets require you to press both buttons on the device at the same time and as long as the device is with you, and those buttons aren’t pressed, you can’t lose any of your cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger Nano S supports a whole lot of worthwhile cryptocurrencies and by the day adds more to what their wallets support. So this saves you from having a lot of different wallets to hold different cryptocurrencies.

How To Get The Ledger Nano S and Take Advantage Of Discount Sales?

The best place to get the Ledger Nano S would be on their official site. It’s probably the best time to buy right now as you can take advantage of the 21% discount currently on the Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet, click here to purchase.

Ledger Nano S - The multi-currency hardware wallet


If safeguarding your money or investment is a top priority to you, then you need to get the Hardware Wallet that will keep your private keys and keyphrases offline and out of reach of disastrous people (hackers). The Ledger Nano S is all that you need, and it would be the best decision you ever made.