Lending on Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Top 3 Cryptocurrency Lending Exchanges

phisycal bitcoin illustration

You probably have heard of the Peer-to-Peer Lending Program which has dominated the Cryptosphere of recent with a good return on investment. Here is another way you get not to leave your Bitcoins lying in your wallets not doing much and just holding for it’s valued to spike so that you can sell at a higher price. If you are not too much interested in your cryptos dollar value but want to increase the number of coins you’ve got as much as possible. Lending out your cryptos on Cryptocurrency Exchanges for some profit is another excellent choice.

This is so much different from the Peer-to-Peer Lending as money lent out on these exchanges are solely for trading and not withdrawn for other unknown things. Money lent allow traders trade with better lot sizes. Also, you do not choose or know who your coins are going to; the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform takes care of that.

Advantages of lending your coins of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are few reasons why lending of exchanges should be considered, and they are as follows:

  • First of all, be assured that you can’t lose your money as coins lent out can’t be withdrawn from the platform. They are used as margins for traders, and different platforms have their ways of protecting money loaned from being lost to the market.
  • With this form of investment, you don’t stress yourself investigating the borrower as money lent are used for just the purpose of trading.
  • You get to specify the duration of time you want to lend out your coin, and you still get your cryptos back in good time when you need them and even get to earn on them for those days they were out.
  • Returns on investment are high as you can get up to 10% or more.
  • Interests on lending are automated; you won’t need to chat with anyone for your payments.
Here are top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in no particular order:
  • COINCHECK: Coincheck is said to be the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Asia, having the largest Bitcoin trade volume in Japan. Though they have included the crypto lending service for a while, they continue to improve on their service on daily bases.
  • BITFINEX: On Bitfinex, the lending program is referred to Margin Funding. With users being able to set investment duration and amount, this platform is one of the best for cryptocurrency exchange. You also have the choice of lending in different cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoins.
  • POLONIEX: Poloniex happens to be the most used platform for Cryptocurrency Exchange as of recent. They support some other cryptos as well and not just Bitcoins.

Lending out your cryptocurrencies is one of the best and safest way to make some more. Don’t just leave your coins in your wallets doing nothing, engage in cryptocurrency trading to earn some daily interest.