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Martii Malmi: Satoshi Nakamoto Assistant and A Key Player in Bitcoin’s Early Days

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Martii Malmi, one of the first people to help develop Bitcoin, recently made headlines by releasing his email exchanges with the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

While sharing emails with Satoshi Nakamoto grabbed attention, Martii Malmi’s involvement with Bitcoin runs much deeper. He’s one of the very first people, alongside the mysterious creator, to ever write code for the project, according to research by Peter Rizzo. Between 2009 and 2011, Malmi worked alongside other early Bitcoin pioneers like Hal Finney, Gavin Andresen, and even Laszlo Hanyecz, the guy famous for buying pizza with Bitcoin in his early days.

Martii Malmi’s significant contributions to Bitcoin

Early Involvement

  • Malmi was a college student when he started contributing to Bitcoin. He actively defended its philosophy of separating money from government control.
  • He wrote most of the content for Bitcoin.org, the first website dedicated to cryptocurrency.
  • He also played a crucial role in developing the software, being the only developer alongside Nakamoto to work on version 0.2.

Pioneering Actions

  • Malmi is credited with the first documented Bitcoin-to-USD trade, selling 5,000 BTC for $5 in 2009.
  • He, with Nakamoto’s support, created the first Bitcoin exchange in 2010. He even used 30,000 of his own BTC to help the exchange function and attract users.
  • He even made one of the first real-world purchases with Bitcoin, buying an apartment in 2011 for 10,000 BTC, worth around $30 at the time.

Continued Advocacy and Involvement

  • Over the years, Malmi has spent a significant portion of his own Bitcoin (around 55,000 BTC) to help the ecosystem grow.
  • He continues to be a strong believer in Bitcoin, investing most of his savings in it.
  • Currently, he leads Sirius Business, a company dedicated to developing decentralized social media platforms.

In summary, Martii Malmi played a major role in Bitcoin’s early development, contributing to its code, website, and early adoption through the first exchange. He continues to be a significant figure and advocate for the cryptocurrency.

Martii Malmi and the Craig Wright Controversy

While Martii Malmi is no longer actively involved in Bitcoin’s development, recent events brought him back to the spotlight. Here’s why:

Who is Craig Wright?

  • Craig Wright, a computer scientist, has claimed to be the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, in various court cases.
  • He’s currently in a legal battle with the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), who aim to discredit his claims.

Why is Martii Malmi involved?

  • In 2019, Wright falsely accused Malmi of creating the illegal Silk Road marketplace. Malmi has never been charged with any wrongdoing and has always denied the claim.
  • To counter Wright’s claims, Malmi joined COPA’s legal efforts. He recently testified in court and shared his emails with Nakamoto as evidence.

What impact does this have?

  • Malmi’s involvement has shed light on Bitcoin’s early days and exposed inconsistencies in Wright’s ongoing claims.

Remember: This is a complex legal situation. The information presented here summarizes a portion of the ongoing controversy and does not make any conclusive statements about the truthfulness of any claims.

Table of Contents


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