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Mattel Launches New NFT Collection

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Mattel, the famous and recognised global toy manufacturer, announced a new NFT collection for followers and collectors worldwide. The new NFT collection called Masters of the Universe will be released on November 9, and it will be considered a limited edition with 12 different characters. 

Mattel and Cryptoys Launch New NFT Collection

Mattel announced a new NFT collection called Masters of the Universe. This new proposal aims at offering users the possibility to get some of the best action figures with 12 fan characters. These characters include He-Man/Prince Adam, Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat/Cringer and Tri-Klops, among others. 

The new NFT collection was created thanks to a recent partnership between Mattel and Cryptoys, one of the leading companies working in the non-fungible token market. Cryptoys is also working on a unique metaverse universe that will attract Master of the Universe (MOTU) fans that want to collect some of the best characters such as Orko, Teela, Beast-Man, and others. 

Mike DeLaet, Global Head of Gaming at Mattel said about the new NFT collection:

“With a unique ability to remain at the forefront of pop culture for 40 years, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe IP has an extremely high consumer awareness level and strong collectability value.”

He has also mentioned that they are the first toy company to launch NFTs and the only toy partner on the Cryptoys platform. Therefore, thanks to this unique partnership, they are offering fans of all ages an exclusive way to engage with their favourite characters. 

Indeed, Masters of the Universe is among the most popular media franchises created by Mattel. There have been toys, animated series, and comics released over the last decades. 

At the same time, it is a series that brings together younger and older generations that can now interact with different NFTs. Hence, thanks to this new partnership, it will be possible for fans of all ages to find a common topic with these NFTs. 

Every user that wants to build an interactive NFT collection can do so with Masters of the Universe and the new project between Mattel and Cryptoys. Indeed, fans can purchase Cryptoys Cubes for $39.99 each. 

Non-Fungible Tokens Continue To Grow Despite Bear Market

Non-fungible tokens experienced a massive expansion between 2017 and 2022. Indeed, in 2021 and early 2022, a large number of projects and companies released their own NFT projects and collections in order to attract a large number of users to the Metaverse. 

Crypto projects have also used the expanding and growing bull market of 2021 to launch and release NFT collections and projects. Mattel is just one of the many companies that are currently working in the crypto industry with NFTs. 

A few weeks ago, we covered at UseTheBitcoin that the Jewellery brand Tiffany & Co., released a new NFT collection linked to the popular CryptoPunk NFTs. This collection included pendants for 30 ETH exclusive for CryptoPunk holders. These pendants cover 87 attributes and 159 colours. 

In the future, there could be new projects launching NFTs and collections. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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