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If you are searching for a loan in USD and you have Bitcoin that you don’t want to sell, Megapawnshop is the best platform for you.  Megapawnshop is a secure and reliable micro-finance organization that helps users get a quickly loan against Bitcoin (BTC).

You are able to get 70% of the current price of Bitcoin for any convenient time period requested. It is possible to get a loan starting from $100 dollars and request higher amounts in case it is needed by the user.

Because there have been several hacks during the last years in the crypto ecosystem, Megapawnshop takes security very seriously. The company has an internal insurance fund that guarantees the full safety of all the deposits at all times. At the same time, the digital funds will be also protected against the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market – prices can certainly move down or up in just a few minutes.

How to Start Using the Service?

In order to start using this service it is necessary to sign up on the company’s website and provide all the necessary data (don’t worry this takes just some minutes). Then, the user will have to enter the amount of the loan desired and the system will calculate the amount of the loan in Bitcoin.

After all, the user needs to check that the data provided is correct and transfer the funds required to the account of the company, which will be provided.

More Information about Megapawnshop

Megapawnshop is a leader in the cryptocurrency world and has been providing loans to several clients in the last years. At the same time, and due to increasing regulations, the company has been strictly working to comply with all the norms of international law. Moreover, all the actions taken by Megapawnshop are legally backed.

The official site of the company explains:

“Megapawnshop is the leading financial institution, which has been providing lending services since 2012. Following the current trends, we have become one of the first companies where you can get the necessary amount against crypto currency. Long-term experience of our employees, transparent work and focus on the result allow us to steadily hold the leading position among competing companies.”

It is very important to know that the team behind the company has experience in the crypto market and has been working since a very long time to improve the services offered.

All the services offered by the company work in a very simple and secure way, meaning that it is transparent and accessible to everyone that owns virtual currencies. In case you need some help to start using the services provided by Megapawnshop, the company offers support every single day of the week 24 hours a day.

The company explains that they know that some clients cannot wait and need to have the problems solved in a very short period of time, and this is why they work at all times to offer the best services as possible. In this way, clients do not have to wait a long period of time to solve the problems or questions they have about the service.

It is very easy to redeem the bitcoin. The user can do it at any time because the company does not ‘freeze’ the funds in cryptocurrency.

“You can redeem bitcoin at any convenient time by returning the loan amount. Thus, we provide our clients with the opportunity not to “freeze” funds in the crypto currency, but to ensure their permanent operation or simply use for any personal purposes. To ensure maximum comfort for our customers, we will refund your digital assets immediately once the loan amount is transferred to our account.”

The company explains that using the platform is very easy, convenient, accessible, fast, reliable and profitable. It takes just a few minutes to fill in the application, the answer provided is very fast, customers can be sure that the funds are properly stored, and the system offers the best loan rates and minimal commission.

The cost of the service is 1 percent of the loan amount each day during the first month. If the first month passed, then the commission goes up to 2 percent for the next days. But the loans are for an unlimited period of time, so a client do not need to be worried about the time they take to give back the funds.

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