Messengers Revolution: In-chat transfers for Ethereum in ADAMANT

· 28 Jun 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Online-messengers are a common form of communication in the digital-age, however, this basic concept is simply not enough for the advancement of technology, and is slowly becoming outdated due to the introduction of cryptocurrencies and the global need for instant payment systems in our everyday lives.

Understanding this technical concept, the ADAMANT development team is aiming to build a decentralized messaging-platform with complete cryptocurrency transfer integration.

This major task for the ADAMANT Team has now been completed, and appropriate updates have been made. The ADAMANT Messenger platform now supports in-chat Ether transfers. Ether transfers made user-friendly and convenient, any user on the platform can now pay for goods and services directly in ETH. This simplistic feature should benefit even friends and relatives looking to send and receive secure, instant-payments with each other.

There is incredible potential benefit for this feature, as a platform for communications and financial transactions, sellers looking for the sales of personal goods and services can choose ADAMANT as a private-platform for communication with their buyers.

How in-Chat Ethereum transfers work

  • Open a chat with whom you want to send a payment.
  • Click the “Plus” sign to the left of Message input field.

  • Choose “Send ADM” or “Send ETH” (more options will be added soon).
  • Enter amount and confirm your transaction.

  • That’s it!

Absolutely Secure.

As described earlier: How ETH transactions in ADAMANT Messenger work, using this feature is completely secure, only you own the Ether wallet in your ADAMANT account.

To send ETH in-chats, you will need to top-up your ETH wallet in the ADAMANT Messenger. You can do this casually by transferring ETH from any other wallet (such as: MyEtherWallet) or exchange (e.g. Bittrex). You can find your Ethereum wallet address on the “Wallet” tab, and copy it by tapping on the “Copy” icon.

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