Mirocana – Artificial Intelligence for the Financial World

According to its creator, George Petrov, Mirocana is a web platform that wants to create a transparent investment product with artificial intelligence. Mirocana is a platform that collects financial data and uses machine learning modules in order to predict stock models and the cryptocurrency market.

Mirocana has three main benefits: self-learning, transparency and no human factor. It is self learning because it is not a static system. It learns all the time. The system predicts financial outcomes by recalculating the weights to adjust to changing market conditions and achieve the best possible performance.

It is transparent because it is not a hedge-fund. The investor gives permission to Mirocana to manage the funds in the personal broker or exchange account. In this way you are able to take a look at your funds and tack all opened positions in real time.

There is no human factor hidden behind. Mirocana is an automatic software that works during the whole week and can forecast every five minutes. It works using different strategies and vast numbers from different platforms.

How It Works

Mirocana works through three different predictive products that are available for investors who own MIRO tokens. These three products can be listed as Stock Market, Currency Market and Cryptocurrency Market.

  1. Stock Market: As explained by its founder, Mirocana works predicting more than 400 stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.
  2. Currency Market: It works predicting 125 fiat currency pairs. Mirocana is connected with a broker named OANDA. In order to access to this service, 10,000 MIRO will be needed.
  3. In this case, the system based in artificial intelligence will predict different cryptocurrency pairs that are listed on the Poloniex and Bittrex

As it has been mentioned before, Mirocana does not have your funds, but it just manages them for you. You never stop having control of your assets.

While working, Mirocana uses two different strategies. The first one is tied to a specific financial instrument or a time frame. It applies these strategies to every time-frame and to every instrument. It connects with a broker and starts to generate predictions.

The second strategy is tied to an instrument and time-frame. It is more complex and provides a higher accuracy rate.


In order to buy MIRO tokens, you can do it on Mirocana’s webpage following the instructions. At the moment 1 MIRO equals 0,001 ETH. The bonus is up to a 30 percent and the next goal is to gather 3000 ETH.

There will be created 200,000,000 MIRO tokens and 65 percent of tokens will be sold to the interested participants.

MIRO Token

The MIRO token (ERC-20) will allow the investors to access the Mirocana Investment Products. Besides that, the system encourages talented people to code and make the system better in order to gain accuracy in the Mirocana predictions. As the system incentivizes programmers to improve the code, the accuracy of predictions will constantly increase.

The token distribution is as follows:

  • 10 percent will be held in Token Storage to make pay-outs in Mirocana Miner product.
  • 75 percent will be held by the company to make pay-outs in the crowdsourced learning platforms: Alpha, Sigma and Target.
  • 25 percent is reserved to the Bounty program.
  • 5 percent is reserved for advisors.
  • 60 percent will be distributed among Token Sale token buyers.

The system will not charge any fee or commission during the first 8 months after the Token Sale so as to build trust between the investors and the system.

In order to purchase MIRO tokens, investors can do it through the ICO sale that we explain in this article.


George Petrov is the Founder and CEO of Mirocana. He is a developer and data scientist that was developing important mobile phone games and was working researching fin-tech projects. Eugene Ulyanov is the Co-founder and COO. The team also includes different developers and specialists like Sergey Popov, Daria Patanina, Alexey Dementyev, Daria Shchurik, Dmitriy Tolstyakov and Vladislav Pochuklain.

The team also includes a group of advisors that are specialists in the matter.


Mirocana has been chosen as one of the best Upcoming ICOs in ICObazaar rating. This and an incredible team behind an amazing idea, are able to change the way investors think about their funds. Brokers are starting to see in this system an incredible tool that with the help of the artificial intelligence can give really accurate results.

With a system that is created to be even more accurate during time and that helps investors to gain profits, MIRO token is expected to grow exponentially. With the best trading strategies, Mirocana places itself as a prediction marketplace that promises investors to make profits.

If you want to know more about this ICO, visit the official website and have a look at the white paper.

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