– First Decentralized Telecoms Service

Never in the past has anyone envisioned a day there would be the opportunity of making unlimited voice calls and internet data services with ease and also the option to convert those calling credits into real money.

MOBI-COIN, a token for the Mobilink Networks, the first decentralized telecommunication service provider brings power back to the users ensuring not only network providers enrich themselves but also the users who keep the network providers in business. will be partnering with established network providers in over 170 countries worldwide to bring top-notch services to the people. The MOBI-COIN will be used on the International Mobile SIM cards by These sim cards can work with any unlocked mobile devices and allows coin holders to make unlimited voice calls and data services at no cost at all to the user. MOBI-COIN holders are giving free sim cards if total investment each holder purchased at MobilinkCoin ICO is above USD 300.

MOBI-COIN is an ERC20 token that users earn based on their mobile usage and ad views which is tracked by the networks advanced smart contract algorithm. Revenues generated from ad views will enable users to make free mobile calls and also connect to the internet anywhere they are around the world. Smartphones are no longer luxuries or liabilities as they can be transformed into earning devices that earn users MOBI-COINS and then the token gets traded for real money on the exchange platform.

The MOBI-COIN is also a peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency that’s to be a unit of exchange without relying on any central server. Its protocol enables users to make secure transactions over the Mobilink network. The plans for the Mobilink Mastercard which would be connected to the Mobilink Wallet is underway; this allows users withdraw their converted MOBI-COINS into cash that can be cashed at any ATM or used to purchase things at any point of sale machine worldwide. The Mobilink Wallet also plans to integrate an easy way of exchanging MOBI-COIN for up to 50 top crypto-currencies and the wallet would be available for every device and operating system out there.

How To Be Part Of This Project?

The best time to get on any great project is at its ICO stage, where you get to invest at it’s lowest price before it gets priced on the exchanges. MOBILINK ICO will start on the 15th of January and will run till February 25th, 2018. 3.1 billion MOBI-COINS will be available to be purchased during the Pre-ICO and general ICO sales and depending on the time you get onboard, you are giving a percentage ranging between 10% to 33% if you buy during the specified period.

MOBILINK has not only changed the way telecommunications operate but also the way transactions are carried out between users worldwide not minding their locations.

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