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As the cryptocurrency market reaches new investors and companies, firms and projects from all over the world are releasing new solutions and services to meet the demand for users. One of the platforms that have attracted the attention of many traders is MoonXBT, a new generation of derivatives trading platform that offers not traditional contracts, but instead focuses on light contracts.

In this MoonXBT review, we are going to share with you how all the details you should know about MoonXBT, how it works and why you should consider trading on this platform.

What is MoonXBT?

Let’s start with the basics: what is MoonXBT? MoonXBT started as a crypto light contract platform that offers traders a wide range of derivates to efficiently execute their trading strategies.

The company has offices in different countries around the world and they have been working in order to offer one of the most advanced trading systems currently available in the market. The company claims to focus on “fair price, excellent liquidity, high leverage and low fees,” this is why they became so popular in recent months.

Finally, MoonXBT is now one of the fastest-growing platforms offering light contracts to traders. Rather than trading with traditional contracts and leverage, investors can now enjoy light contracts.

What is Light Contract Trading?

Light contracts are different from traditional contracts that we see in other exchanges. This is because rather than using traditionally complicated (and sometimes difficult to understand) contracts, the team behind MoonXBT created simple and easy-to-understand contracts.

With contracts, traders can easily profit with moves in the price of the largest virtual currencies in the market. Considering the industry is very volatile, a small change in the price of an asset could be a great opportunity for profiting.

The advantage of light contracts offered by MoonXBT include the following:

  • The possibility to use leverage
  • Correctly predicting the market direction
  • Using a single currency (such as USDT)
  • Fair Price
  • High Liquidity
  • Support of up to 6 screens
  • Demo mode included
  • Low Fees
  • It includes applications for smartphones

There are many other advantages that we could share. As you can see, MoonXBT makes it possible for traders to engage in a wide range of trades that fit different trading strategies, for more advanced traders and also for newcomers.

Nowadays, MoonXBT has become one of the most advanced platforms to trade light contracts in a fast and easy way. If before you didn’t know how to handle crypto contracts because they were difficult to use, now you can do so in just a few steps using the MoonXBT platform.

In addition to it, the company has also created dedicated applications for Android and Apple users. In this way, it is possible for them to trade anywhere they are and in just seconds. This is one of the advantages that other platforms similar to MoonXBT are not offering.

Light Contract Trading Fees

As the company explains, traders should pay close attention to spread, transaction fees and overnight fees. Compared with conventional contract products that can be traded in most financial markets, light contracts do not have capital or delivery costs. This is also one of the reasons why they are called light contracts.

MoonXBT works with low transaction fees compared to other platforms. This makes it possible for users to enjoy most of the services without having to be worried about paying extremely large fees.

The transaction fee is calculated in this way = margin * leverage * rate.

Furthermore, the transaction fee rate is now 0.05% and users can deduct 5% of the fee with MP. In this way, fees become even lower (0.0475%).

The current platform transaction fee rate is 0.05%, and you can also use MP to deduct 5% of the procedure Fee, which is equivalent to a rate of only 0.0475%.

MoonXBT Product Features

The platform has a wide range of features that are always worth analyzing and taking into consideration. Although we cover just some of them, there are many others that you will definitely enjoy.

Reasonable Prices

MoonXBT is working on a daily basis to offer the best reasonable prices to investors that want to get access to the market. In order to reduce the influence of malicious actors manipulating the price, the company anchors the best price in the spot market and in real-time.

The exchange is currently using the data provided by spot markets of several crypto trading platforms all over the world. In this way, the price becomes very accurate and avoid possible manipulation in specific markets.

Flexible Leverage up to 150x

Furthermore, MoonXBT focuses on leverage. That means that you will be able to trade with a 150x leverage level. This ratio of 1:150 allows traders to trade with a position 150 times larger than their funds.

For example, if you have 1 BTC and you open a 150x leverage long position, if the market moves higher 10% and you close it, you will get 10% profits on the 150 BTC rather than on your 1 BTC.

However, you should know that trading with leverage involves large risks. If the market does not move in the direction you were thinking it could move, then you could end up losing your whole BTC in the example above.

Fair Price

Traditional contracts usually follow the price of the spot market. This is one of the measures taken in order to avoid manipulation. However, marketers and platforms could still manipulate the market price by tracing the orders placed by users. This is where MoonXBT changes the things

MoonXBT uses data that is provided by global spot markets. This makes them completely non-manipulable. In this way, the price tracked moves in a very accurate and soft way, and it is possible to avoid manipulation. This is why MoonXBT was able to offer more than 100x leverage for small coins such as DOGE, FILE or DOT.

Low Fees

As we mentioned before, MoonXBT works without funding rate, delivery fee costs or any other hidden fees. However, users should focus on the positions that they handle and the overnight fee that could take place when they open a position.

It is also worth pointing out that the opening fee is currently as low as 0.05%. That makes the fees of this platform one of the lowest in the crypto industry. Having lower fees makes it possible for investors to better plan their strategies and also increase their profits when they trade.

Demo Mode and Fast Execution Times

If this was not enough, the company is offering a Demo Trading Mode that makes it possible to users to securely trade with bonus money so they could test their strategies and get used to the platform. Although this seems a standard feature, most of the crypto platforms are not offering this possibility to users.

In terms of execution times, the platform is also at the forefront of the market. MoonXBT works with an execution speed of milliseconds. In this way, the company became a leader in the market in terms of innovation and trading systems for virtual currencies.

In just milliseconds, traders will be able to complete their trades and enjoy some of the most advanced execution strategies in the market.


Profit Loss, Stop Loss and Multiple Screens

Users in the platform can also rely on some of the advanced tools developed by MoonXBT called “Profit-loss and Stop-loss.” These tools make it possible for investors to better handle their trades and avoid incurring high losses or unwanted results when trading light contracts.

MoonXBT is also offering traders the possibility to use a wide range of screens (up to 6). In this way, the most advanced traders that require trading in real-time and with several virtual currencies are able to have the information in all the screens they use to trade. That means MoonXBT is offering institutional-grade solutions to retail clients that want to improve their strategies with light contracts trading.

Popular Coins Available for Leverage Trading

There are several coins available for users that want to trade with leverage. This makes it possible for users to get access not only to the most common digital assets but also to the hottest ones such as DOGE, FILE and DOT, among others.

Security and Team

Security is a key thing to take into account when trading in the cryptocurrency market. Attackers and other malicious parties are always ready to find a way to get access to users’ funds. This is why security plays a very important role in the crypto industry. MoonXBT knows that and they have created a bank-level secure platform with senior professionals that have been working for several years in the industry.

The team will make sure all the systems are in place and work as they should. Additionally, they take users’ security seriously and protect users’ funds with some of the most advanced security techniques.

Becoming a Member and Rewards

If you start trading on this platform and you love the experience, then you could try using the affiliate program MoonXBT has in place. Users have a permanent commission return of up to 50% for selected users.

Every single time a referral executes a trade, you will get a commission from that person. In this way, the company benefits from the growth of the community and users have an incentive to bring new investors to this platform.

Furthermore, MoonXBT is also offering a reward system that is known as MoonXBT points. This system works with 3 different types of earning methods. For example, users can complete some tasks and earn rewards afterwards.

Another way of earning points is by doing trading tasks. Finally, the third way of earning MoonXBT points is by referring other users. All the points can then be used to deduct transaction fees and make it possible to trade in a more efficient way. Finally, the points can also be exchanged for USDT.

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