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NakamotoX – A New Digital Asset Trading Platform


From the desire to create the most professional digital asset trading platform – NakamotoX was created. NakamotoX is a Czech made next generation bitcoin and digital asset trading platform. With over 3 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, the team from NakamotoX wants to great a digital asset trading platform fit for both beginners and professionals while having the lowest fee in the industry and also the highest quality of service.
Right now, you could join NakamotoX by requesting an invite from their website and even participate in the trading contest. You could start testing it from September 16th, 2017.
The platform has been built from 0, with no custom template used. Their team says that the platform will be able to hold hundreds of thousands of trades without any lag or unresponsive UI. Another great news is that all of the customer funds will be kept securely in multi sig cold storage wallets.
Besides this, the interface will be easy-to-use focusing a lot on the user-friendliness part so anyone can use it. NakamotoX will be fully responsive and will have a 24/7 support with a 12 hours guaranteed response time.

The NakamotoX team consist of: Jiří Fiala – a leading Czech Enterprise Arhitect & the NakamotoX General Manager, Kamil Brejcha – an experienced Bitcoin enthusiast and the NakamotoX Operations Manager, Radim Kozub – The Co-founder of Blockchain Legal & the Compliance Manager of NakamotoX, Pavel Urbaczka – The Co-founder of Blockchain Legal & the Compliance Manager of NakamotoXand Jiří Procházka – A certified investment adviser & the Financial manager of NakamotoX. More details about them you can read here.
NakamotoX plans to become one of the efficient and versatile bitcoin exchange and digital asset trading platform. You can find out more about them or support them from their social media:

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Jiri Prochazka
Contact Email: [email protected]
Location: London/Prague

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