NEO is Listed on COSS Exchange With 4 Different Trading Pairs

ยท 20 Jul 2018 in Crypto News, Home, Press Release
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NEO has been added to the COSS cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution and it is a multi-function platform. COSS works as a cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide range of tokens, and as an exchange to buy and sell virtual currencies. It also includes a market capitalization widget, fiat gateways, a platform that promotes trading campaigns and token sale launches, and finally, a merchant portal for companies to accept virtual currencies as payment.

NEO Added to COSS Exchange

According to a blog post uploaded by COSS, they informed that they added support for NEO on their platform. Neo

The blog post reads as follows:

“NEO will be listed this Friday, the 20th of July. The following pairs will be available for trading: NEO/BTC, NEO/ETH, NEO/COSS, NEO/USD.”

It is important to mention that GAS will not be generated as a result of holding NEO in the platform. But instead, this will be implemented later, in another stage. At the same time, GAS will also be listed.

“Gas will NOT be generated as a result of holding NEO on our platform for now; this will be implemented at a later stage. GAS will also be listed at a later stage,” the exchange informed.

Furthermore, the exchange and crypto platform informed that the listing of NEO will clear the way up for adding new projects under the NEO blockchain. That means that there will be more trading opportunities in the future for the customers. NEO works in a similar way to Ethereum, allowing companies to base their applications on the NEO smart economy network.

The platform will be also adding new forms of payments including MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Klarna and more.

NEO is one of the most known virtual currencies in the market. At the moment of writing this article, NEO is the 12th most important virtual currency by market capitalization. Indeed, it has $2.24 billion dollars and each coin can be bought for $34 dollars at current market rates. Back in January, each NEO coin could be bought for over $160 dollars and reached a market capitalization of $10 billion dollars.

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