neo - NEO and Microsoft Dev Comptetition Officially Confirmed

NEO and Microsoft Dev Comptetition Officially Confirmed

After days of speculations around the matter, NEO finally announces a developer competition
with Microsoft. UseTheBitcoin team wrote about that some days ago and we were contacted
from NEO to modify the title, as it may be misleading. Now, the competition is officially confirmed by the NEO team.

“As NEO’s first dev competition, this is an unparalleled opportunity to unleash your creativity,
passion and ambition. This global get-together of NEO community developers will give you a
change to inspire others while being motivated by your fellow competitors’ intellect and frit,”
wrote the company on its webpage.

The competition will start on November the 20 th and will close on March the 10 th , 2018. The
participants must submit the work before the deadline in order to be able to participate. The
intention is to invite the participants to develop on the NEO blockchain. The company provides
different codes and technical documents that users can utilize.

Participants can be individuals or working teams. Developers can also collaborate with each
other and submit their work as one team. The submissions must contain executable programs
and codes. The winner will be announced and awarded on March the 31 st 2018.

Competition Prizes and Judge Panel

The prizes will be as follows:
– $150,000 for one team – First Prize
– $50,000 for two teams – Second Prize
– $30,000 for three teams – Third Prize
– $15,000 for ten teams – Award of Merit

The panel will be conformed by Da Hongfei, NEO founder, Erik Zhang, NEO Founder & Core
Developer, Fabio, City of Zion (CoZ) Founder, Tong Chen, Elastos Founder and Jun Li, ONT

More Great News For NEO

But the dev competition with Microsoft isn’t the only good thing that happened to NEO lately. About 4 days ago, ProjectICO – a U. S. based turnkey token sale company made an important announcement. Apparently, they will start using NEO instead of Ethereum when creating the blockchain for a new cryptocurrency. As they declared, they consider NEO better than Ethereum in certain aspects

“We will be shifting by use-case our clients to the NEO blockchain and have been in open-communications with the NEO team and developers for support and we are excited to support NEO; as in many instances it provides more benefits than Ethereum,” 

In other news, the NEX whitepaper has just been released. NEX is one of the most promising projects, trying to combine the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to facilitate faster trades and much more complex ones that a decentralized exchange.