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NEO – The News Behind The All Time High

NEO has reached a new all time high when its price crossed the $80 dollars’ mark. At the moment NEO is the 12th cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its market value arrives at $5 billion dollars. At the moment of writing this article, its price stabilized around $78 dollars.

City of Zion dApps Competition

City of Zion (CoZ), announced their second dApp competition. The intention is to help build the NEO ecosystem and encourage developers to join the NEO community. There will be different prizes for the winners receiving 1,350 GAS each.

“Over the next few weeks NEO News Today will be providing features on the winning dAppsfrom competition one. We hope that the added exposure will help the growth of these projects and inspire more developers to participate in competition number two,” reads the official statement.

Chinapex Launching APEX on NEO

Chinapex is working on the NEO platform and will launch its new B2C decentralized platform. APEX is a platform that allows consumers to maintain control of their data and who can use it. The value of the data comes back to the consumers who can later receive profit on their data usage in form of rewards.

That will result in an engagement between users and brands. This is beneficial for businesses because they provide high quality data that is not possible through third party data providers.

“In order to build the ecosystem, APEX will provide an SDK that will enable brands to integrate the data into their own applications and the NEXUS APEX Module API, allowing enterprise partners to embed particular capabilities surrounding APEX transaction management within their own application or platform.”

Moonlight Project

The Moonlight Project, founded by City of Zion members, was unveiled at the NEO @ Cambridge event on December the 13th. Moonlight is a decentralized platform for the blockchain ecosystem. Moonlight focuses in three important issues: critical resources, effective staffing on projects and difficulty in establishing confidence in project teams.

Through Moonlight, investors will be able to assess projects, teams and profitability of success without worrying about the reliability of the information facilitated. All the skills will be publicly available on the public ledger.

In case you’re interested in owning NEO – You may purchase it from a wide variety of exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance or KuCoin.

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