neo 1 - NEO News – Omicrex Adds NEO/BTC Trading Pair, Hongfei Conferences and Trinity ICO

NEO News – Omicrex Adds NEO/BTC Trading Pair, Hongfei Conferences and Trinity ICO

The cryptocurrency exchange Omicrex, has added NEO to its platform. The trading pair is NEO/BTC and has been integrated on January the 15th. The company has also added other trading pairs including XRP/USD, XMR/BTC and IOTA/BTC. The information has been released in a statement by Omicron Crypto Market, a Greek based exchange.

The company offers different trading pairs and accepts cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Besides that, it is going to add several new pairs in the coming weeks. It is important to remark that it is not possible to trade directly via fiat currency in several countries, including the United States.

In this way, NEO gains exposure, liquidity, and more individuals and investors are able to have an easier access to this cryptocurrency that has made it into the top 8 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Da Hongfei Conferences

NEO’s founder, Da Hongfei, will be talking in the APAC Blockchain conference in Melbourne Australia on March 13 – 15. The event is in a partnership with the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ASCA), the industry network for Australian businesses using blockchain solutions. The intention is to work together in order to spread the understanding of blockchain technology. The conference theme is ‘Seizing the Opportunities and Realizing the Commercial Potential of this Revolutionary Technology.’

The first event hosted 150 leaders of different blockchain technology projects in order to discuss about the current state of the technology, finance, banking, government, and other topics. Hongfei will be talking on March the 13th in a session called ‘From Digital Asset to Smart Economy – Public Blockchain Can Be Legal/Compliance-Compatible.’

Some days ago, on January 16, NEO’s founder attended a meet up hosted at Yonsei University. He was talking at the ‘Blockchain Revolution: Integrating Blockchain with the Traditional Economy’ conference. Later, he was talking at a conference held at Seoul Dragon City Novotel Hotel in Seoul.

The main topics covered by Hongfei were the current status of the NEO network, how NEO compares to Ethereum, NEO vision of the Smart Economy and many other topics including Chinese regulations on the cryptocurrency world. In order to listen to the speech, you can do it here:

Trinity Crowdsale

The off chain scaling scheme for NEO, Trinity, has launched its token sale on the NEO platform on January 14. In order to donate, the company has given the public address on twitter. Trinity is built on top of NEO and tries to achieve real-time payments, low transaction fees, scalability and privacy protection for the NEO assets.

The goal was to reach $20 million dollars, which was achieved the same day that the token sale launched.

After the launch, the NEO network slowed to 24 minutes and 12 seconds for Block 1,816,382 and to 11 minutes and 46 seconds for Block 1,816,383, with just 16 transactions occurring on each block.

NEO has explained why that happened and it was because the token sale used the API of the Neon wallet. This wallet uses an infrastructure that is able to handle such an increased activity, but needs to be ramped up in order to do it. When the API went down, several transactions failed, increasing the amount of users trying to resubmit transactions. This double spend has created many rejected transactions and long block times.

Before and after the API scaling issue, the block always took less than 60 seconds to confirm.

Neo CoinCap Webpage Built in Less Than 24h

During the last days there were some users asking for a place where to track the NEP-5 tokens of the NEO ecosystem. Sometimes is really hard to keep track of them. That’s why the Reddit user named ggaabe developed a NEO CoinMarketCap site in less than 11 hours! That’s fantastic!

The webpage is named It shows the charting of NEO/GAS price ratio over time, listings of each coin that witched from ERC-20 to NEP-5, EUR price toggle, and many other feautres.