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NEO News Update August 14, 2022

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The NEO ecosystem continues to grow and expand thanks to different projects building on top of NEO and offering new solutions to users. Flamingo has launched on-chain limit orders on its DeFi platform, UFO Gaming joins EcoBoost to launch a blockchain-based game on top of NEO, and ILEX Genesis NFT series is launching on Mega Oasis. 

Flamingo Launches New Order Book

Flamingo has officially announced the launch of on-chain limit orders using its decentralized finance (DeFi) trading module. The new order book is called OrderBook+ and it will be a key addition to the NEO ecosystem as it will support bNEO/FLM, FLM/fUSDT, and bNEO/fUSDT. 

 It is worth taking into consideration that thanks to this order book, it will be possible for traders to get a better experience while using these trading services. In order for OrderBook+ to work, it is necessary to use Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and limit orders. Therefore, it is possible to create a new solution for traders that are searching for zero spread between buying and selling orders. 

The minimum order to execute limit orders is $10,00. 

UFO Gaming To Launch Blockchain Game on NEO

There are other important things taking place in the NEO ecosystem. We move from the DeFi market to blockchain games. This time, UFO Gaming has joined the NEO EcoBoost program in order to build and release some of the most advanced and fun games on top of the NEO blockchain.

One of the reasons behind this decision of UFO Gaming is related to NEO’s stability, security, reliability, and seamless user experience that other blockchains are still not offering. Thanks to this initiative from UFO Gaming, it will be possible for players to get access to Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, NFT marketplaces, and more. 

Over the last few years, we have seen how blockchain games expanded and how they offered new opportunities for users to earn rewards and get a first contact with the blockchain market. 

ILEX Genesis NFT Series To be Released on August 17th

Now, the Ilex Genesis NFT sale is getting open on the Mega Oasis Marketplace. This is one of the most awaited NFT sales on top of NEO. The Ilex Genesis collection is the third NFT series to be sold through Mega Oasis, according to the offficial announcement

This is a great opportunity for NFT collectors to look at what ILEX Genesis offers and whether it could be a good opportunity to use NEO as a blockchain network to handle NFTs.

NEO Price Update

When it comes to NEO price, the virtual currency is now being traded at $12.18 per coin. According to CoinGecko, NEO has a market capitalization of $859 million and is currently the 70th largest cryptocurrency in the market. 

NEO price has been following the evolution of the cryptocurrency market. The virtual currency entered a bear trend in mid-2021 when the crypto industry was reaching new highs. In 2022, the bear market continued and it is now starting to recover as Bitcoin (BTC) gets closer to $25,000. 

Table of Contents


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