NEO Listed On TDAX & October Monthly Report

Interesting things have happened this week in the NEO world. Let’s check the latest news about this fascinating world of this cryptocurrency.

TDAX Added NEO/THB Trading Pair

TDAX announced on 3rd of November that they will add NEO/THB trading pair. TDAX is a Thailand based exchange with zero feed on NEO withdrawing and a 35 THB fee to withdraw to Thai Baht. The exchange was born in September 2017 and was co-founded by Poramin Insom – the Co-founder of Zcoin. Besides NEO, there are also OmiseGo, Ethereum and Kyber available for trading.

Interest in NEO is on the Rise in South Korea

According to NAVER DataLab, the term NEO has awakened a lot of interest in the South Korean public. People may be getting interested in this cryptocurrency because of different reasons. One of them is the fact that Coinnest, one of the well known trading platforms in South Korea, added NEO currency to its platform.

NEO accounts for 1,9% trading volume in this South Korean platform. Coinnest moved more than 29 million dollars in the last 24 hours. South Korea is one of the countries with the most important cryptocurrency trading volume in the world, according to different sources.

NEO Makes its Appearance in Java Day in Guatemala

Java Day in Guatemala is an event that gathers the most important Java leaders and enthusiasts in Guatemala. This edition presents NEO blockchain Smart contracts in Java. Erick Navarro, will be in charge of the NEO section.

The meeting tries to share with the audience, general concepts about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In this special occasion, NEO will be presented, explained and discussed. “We will utilize NEO, that it is now considered the Chinese Ethereum and that allows the development of Smart Contracts using Java,” reads the promotional brochure of the event.

NEO October Monthly Report

On November the 1st, The NEO Council released their October Monthly Report. This report informs about the developments, news and events from the NEO Council during the previous months.

This report highlighted the Red Pulse ICO, the unlocking of 50 million NEO tokens, the first NEP-5 token to be traded on an exchange and NEO added as a quote currency.

Red Pulse ICO: this ICO was the first Token sale on the NEO blockchain. It raised 405,844 NEO and this was informed on October the 8th. “The RPX sale has concluded. We have already raised the max hard cap of 405,844 NEO. We want to thank you for your interest and support in Red Pulse and RPX. We could not have done it without you,” reads the article about this ICO.

Unlocking 50 million NEO tokens: On October the 16th, 50 million NEO tokens will be unlocked. The tokens that will be available are going to be used by the NEO Council. “The purpose of the NEO tokens released this month is to encourage development of the NEO ecosystem,” commented NEO news today.

The first NEP-5 token to be traded on an exchange. NEO added as a quote currency to an exchange: Kucoin will be the first exchange to use NEO as a quote currency. “We are listening to the voice of the community and we decide to open $NEO market on 28th October! There will be $RPX/NEO and $GAS/NEO pairs in the market; enjoy the $NEO party!,” Kucoin published in their official Twitter account.

NEO Sponsor Giveback Plan: UseTheBitcoin covered this article some days ago. NEO announced that it will launch the Sponsor Giveback Plan in order to give back to early sponsors, the same amount of fiat value they have contributed with NEO.

“We decide to officially launch the NEO sponsor giveback plan designed to unconditionally give back to the early sponsors in the amount equal to the fiat value they contributed back then”, the company said on a statement.

More news regarding the events where NEO attended can be found on the Neo blog. Besides this, a new initiative started recently – NeoSupport.

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