New Customer Focused Crypto Exchange Quifas to Start Token Sale on March 9

Quifas, an upcoming crypto exchange with an extraordinary focus on customer service, is all set to start a token sale campaign on March 9. Unlike the existing large exchanges struggling to deal with the heavy influx of new users, Quifas is in the process of building an innovative ecosystem with a user friendly interface that guarantees high security and allows for millions of transactions per second.

20th Feb, 2018

Quifas has announced today that their much anticipated token sale campaign will get underway on March 9. A crypto exchange that puts people before technology, Quifas is dedicated to creating an innovative, customer-focused cryptocurrency exchange that will eliminate the issues encountered by the largest exchanges in the current crypto market. Their goal is to streamline the entry process into trading cryptocurrencies and democratize the process to enable access for all.

The ever-increasing popularity and demand for cryptocurrencies has significantly increased the workload on cryptocurrency exchanges, resulting in serious disruptions in their functionality. It has been observed that many well known exchanges are having hard time efficiently managing the abrupt surge in demand for their services. Frequent outages and performance issues are now common with most of these crypto exchanges. These overburdened platforms are not only prone to serious security threats, but also suffer from