New York City’s “Bitcoin Babies” Embrace Digital Currencies

NEW YORK – Digital currency is creating electricity among sugar daters in the Big Apple according to Secret Benefits, a leading sugar daddy dating website. When the keywords “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” started appearing in member profiles, Secret Benefits surveyed over 500,000 of their Sugar Babies worldwide. What they discovered was that these sophisticated women are as savvy dealing in the currency marketplace as they are in the relationship marketplace.

The majority of Sugar Babies (54% of those surveyed) responded that they would accept cryptocurrency gifts, and that number increases to an impressive 70% among New Yorkers. This microcosm of “Bitcoin Babies” cited investment potential as the number one reason for going crypto, while others were attracted by its speed and discretion, which explains why 1 out of 25 of these Babies have already started filling their virtual purses with digital dollars from their Sugar Daddies. Since there are over 120 crypto ATMs registered in New York City, it comes as no surprise that digital currency is the latest item on the Sugar Baby’s wish list.

“This represents a seismic shift in the way Sugar Babies are willing to interact going forward,” notes Stella Lavine, Director of Member Services at Secret Benefits. “More often, we’re seeing new members join the community with specific goals in mind, and there is an organizational structure to their searches and interactions that we haven’t seen before.”

There are even stories of Sugar Babies who cashed out the Bitcoins received from their Sugar Daddies at the peak of the market, creating significant capital gains, which is something new to the sugar dating community. “These women are clever enough to realize that sugar dating isn’t just about immediate gratification anymore,” Stella advises, “and cryptocurrency has found a place in the modern Sugar Baby’s overall strategy and lifestyle far more naturally than we could have anticipated.”

The overall findings could be a reflection of the sugar community’s twenty-first century mindset, given that 57% of the Babies using the Secret Benefits service are Millennials. “For the most part, this is a generation of digital natives,” Stella adds. “Their willingness to consider digital currency could be expected, but seeing it in numbers this significant really opens our eyes to what the future of sugar dating will look like—and that future is closer than we think.”

About Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is a dynamic online meeting place for sugar babies and sugar daddies to explore the exciting world of sugar dating. Since 2015, men and women have used the service to find adventure and companionship, creating unique arrangements that are mutually fulfilling. With over one million registered members, Secret Benefits is the ultimate destination for making relationship dreams come true. A team of customer service professionals are always available to provide advice and support every step of the way, and profile verification ensures that members are communicating with real people. Identities are always kept private and secure, so every “secret” stays safe. With over 50,000 new members added each month, the relationship of a lifetime is just a click away. I Contact:[email protected]

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