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Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Overview and Review


John Asher


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John Asher



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John Asher


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Outlaws Brawl is one of the first 3rd-person shooter (FPS) games built on Cardano’s blockchain. It is a multiplayer game that provides access to its unique economy and tokenomics to NFT holders. Players will fight for dominance by capturing flags belonging to each enemy team’s spawning points, namely Hyenas versus Coyotes, and also the Battle Royale survival map.

Outlaws Brawl is a 3D game built using Unreal Engine 4 and 5. The team launched it as an Alpha test game in April 2022. It is a play-to-earn game with an economy, reward system, and smart contract integration. NFT holders will play an important role in the game and receive rewards that allow them to unlock new weapons and skins as they rank up within the game.

As the game develops, players can enter live tournaments in order to win prizes and compete with others in the spirit of E-Sports gaming. A marketplace and the HHMC token ($HYN) for governance will be included in the game. The in-game token $TBC and governance token $HYN will also be listed on some exchanges.

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If you are reading this guide, it means you are interested in playing this game. That is why we put together this guide. We are going to take you through everything you need to know about this game. From how to get started to what is new in the game, this guide will make sure that you are ready for anything.

What type of game is Outlaws Brawl by HHMC?

Outlaws Brawl is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game in which you will battle for dominance by capturing flags from your opponent’s side. You can also compete in the Battle Royale survival map. At the beginning of the game, two teams use available weapons such as a shotgun, revolver, automatic weapon, grenade launcher, and hand grenades to suppress the opposing team and capture flags in order to gain dominance over their opponents until the playing round ends.

Outlaws Brawl will be a multiplayer shooter that may remind you of Counter-Strike, Battlefield PC series, and Fortnite. The maximum number of player characters in the game will be from 20 to 30 (40 to 60 in total), depending on the demand.

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The story of Hell’s Hyenas Motorcycle Club takes inspiration from a decade-long rivalry with the Vicious Coyotes and their dominance over Nomenzville. HHM has been patiently waiting for a long time to amass enough members before making a move to claim dominance and challenge the status quo for the town. It will not be easy to capture Coyotes because they are known to have a blood lust and are very pugnacious. It is only a matter of time before we shall see a battle to determine who will rule the Nomenzville.

What is Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Unique Selling Point (USP)?

One of the most interesting parts of the game is that you can earn money by two methods:

  • Players can enter a “winner takes it all” contest by contributing 2 or 3 ADA, and a small entry fee. If you win, you’ll take home all of the ADA that has been contributed to the prize pool.
  • The HHMC developer team will also arrange occasional prize contests within the game, in which players can participate for free and have a chance to win prizes provided by the team. The token reward for players could be anywhere from 20 ADA to 100 ADA, depending on the team’s goal to attract more users and make it rewarding to play for their NFT holders and game participants.


Outlaws Brawl is a new upcoming game that is currently in development. There is no roadmap available on their website but they do update their social media accounts with news and updates about what they’ve been working on lately.

If you want to learn more about the game you can check it out here: https://hhmc.io/

What is Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Use-Case?

Outlaws Brawl’s goal is to be the best project that is integrated into the first 3rd-person shooting game running on Unreal Engine 4 and powered by Cardano Blockchain. Outlaws Brawl wants to bring together a community of gamers who can play against each other in real-time competitions. It will also provide users with an opportunity to earn money from their gaming skills by betting on themselves or other players during tournaments or private matches.

What is Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Monetization Strategy?

Outlaws Brawl will be a play-to-earn and play-to-reward game with its own economy and monetization scheme. In the later stages of development, players will be able to earn the game’s currency/token in a variety of ways.

There are many ways to earn $TBC, including but not limited to:

  • Win a prize by entering a contest
  • Earning achievements and ranking up in-game
  • Staking HHMC NFT

What is Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Tokenomics?

$HYN is a governance token that allows you to vote on the development fund of the game. This token will help decide on the direction of the project and how it’s governed. $HYN token holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive rewards for every additional $HYN they stake. The total supply for the $HYN token is 10,000,000 tokens, but this number may change before the token launch.

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The allocation of $HYN tokens is shown in the chart below:
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$TBC is a Cardano token that will be transferable in the crypto ecosystem and earned as an in-game reward. The total supply of $TBC tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), but the number might change before the token launch.

Who Is The Team Behinds Outlaws Brawl by HHMC?

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the team working on this project. We will update this page as soon as possible when we have enough information about the Outlaws Brawl team.

Who Are The Partners Behinds Outlaws Brawl by HHMC?

Outlaws Brawl is working together with its partners such as Genuis X and Martify to bring you the best gaming experience.

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What was Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Release Date?

Outlaws Brawl Alpha test game was launched in April of 2022. This version of the game is still in development and the developers are actively working on improving it. If you’re interested in learning more about Outlaws Brawl, check out the website at https://hhmc.io/.

When was Outlaws Brawl by HHMC Pre-Sale?

Outlaws Brawl NFTs are coming soon. Stay tuned on the official Outlaws Brawl channels or just keep an eye on this page for announcements about when they will be available to buy.

Final Thoughts

Outlaws Brawl shows promise, but it needs to fine-tune some aspects of its gameplay in order to really shine. It has the potential to be something great, so let’s hope it is able to share that greatness with as many players as possible. With a talented and active development team, there’s a lot of room to grow from here.

We’ll keep you posted about new developments in the game. We’ve already shared some things we know, but there’s still much we don’t know yet. Check back often for some updates.

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://hhmc.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HHMC2021

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/xzGxUC6hqH

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH96b0tl-X9EOSiOKT7vH9w/featured