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Panzerdogs Overview And Review

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Panzerdogs is a play-to-earn game on blockchain where players own NFT tanks and dogs while earning tokens through the Solana network. Imagine Brawl Stars but with tanks and playing to earn mechanics, The game is based on skill and demands players to make shots and be able to think strategically in real-time. The game can be played on PC as well as mobile platforms.

What Makes Panzerdogs Unique?

The focus of the developers is mainly on the game as their blockchain platform of choice makes it easy to focus on what matters. Thanks to blockchain technology, gamers of Panzerdogs will benefit from a fresh method of engaging with gaming. Alongside the community, it’s a game that can be played by a large player base and is enjoyable to play.

Anyone can play Panzerdogs even if they don’t own Tank Parts or Dog Avatars. To fully take part in all of the Play-and-Earn-based mechanics, owning each of Tank Parts and Dog Avatars is essential. Tank Parts can be used to build tanks that can be controlled in-game when holding dog avatars. Holding them unlocks an array of additional benefits and rewards according to their quality and rarity.


In this article, we will go over every aspect of Panzerdogs. We will also help you understand how the game functions by explaining the benefits and drawbacks, allowing you to decide whether the game is for you or not. And since this is an NFT game, you can check out our comprehensive guide on what is an NFT if you wish to expand your knowledge on NFTs.

What Type Of Game Is Panzerdogs?

Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT gaming project where players are able to own all their game assets and utilize them to play P2E as well as P2P battles. The game was designed to play on desktop and mobile browsers. It is based on skill where players land and avoid shots at one another, thinking in real-time and outwitting their opponents, and playing in the Sandbox.


The players go through a standard game loop where:

  • They build their tank and avatar to fight
  • Go into PVE or PVP battles
  • They get Battle Pass progression, Account XP, and other prizes when they win. When they complete the Battle Pass, they receive rewards or tokens.
  • They make use of their newly acquired resources to make or purchase brand new Tank Parts.

What Is Panzerdogs Unique Selling Point (USP)?

The players will be able to play Panzerdogs with minimum friction. The initial owners of dog-themed avatars receive an early entry to the game and will be eligible to receive additional rewards. At the start, tanks will be made accessible at a low cost, and options for free players will be created in the future. The ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to sign in regardless of whether they have or don’t have previous experience with cryptocurrency. Inspiring people to become interested in and comprehend the importance of NFTs is one of the objectives of making Panzerdogs available to the public.


Panzerdogs’ roadmap is created with game development as the top priority. The developers hope to provide benefits to communities by starting to develop the game’s features as soon as possible. You can find the Panzerdogs roadmap here.

What Is Panzerdogs Use-Case?

Panzerdogs is a PvE/PvP gaming project that uses NFTs. The game uses blockchain technology to allow players to interact with the game in new ways, bringing people together and providing entertainment. The developers are converting the games to Web3 and the players must own every in-game asset.

What Is Panzerdogs Monetization Strategy?

There are a lot of ways that players can earn in the game. Players who play with Panzerdogs get recognized for their time playing the game and engaging with the NFTs through the following ways:

  • The players who have the highest level are ranked on leaderboards. The top players get into the $LUCKY rewards pool. These rewards are offered at the end of each season, which coincides with the duration of Battle Passes.
  • Players receive $BOLT rewards for the complete Seasonal PanzerPasses. These tokens could then be used to perform other activities in the game. Players may also opt to sell their $BOLT to players who would prefer not to keep track of these tokens.
  • Players can earn new Tank Parts through crafting and play. Players may choose to utilize their newly created Tank Parts to play with or continue creating them in order to create better-quality Tank Parts or sell them on the market at their own discretion.

What Is Panzerdogs Tokenomics?

To allow players the ability to concentrate on what is the most important, both inside and outside of the Panzerdogs, the game employs a familiar two-currency model. The first token ( $BOLT) lowers the barrier of entry. The token is earned through playing the game. It is used primarily to purchase new, low-priced Tank Parts and Tanks through crafting or loot boxes. The total amount of $LUCKY will be 2.5 billion (2,500,000,000) tokens distributed over the course of six years. Another token ($LUCKY) is used to purchase in-game items that are special as well as equipment. It is also required to create rare Tank Parts along with Tanks. The $LUCKY token is also leveraged to provide passive income through the option of staking.


Who Is The Team Behind Panzerdogs?

The game is created by Lucky Kat Studios. A game studio based in the Netherlands with a track record of having more than 200 million downloads on the App Store as well as Google Play.

  • Herdjie: Director of Operations
  • Hernan: Tech Lead
  • Joppe: Artist
  • Ya Wen: Artist
  • Myrte: Artist
  • Henri: Game Designer & Developer
  • Arjan: Developer
  • Luke: Game Analyst / Data Scientist
  • David: Marketing Manager
  • Koh Kim: Advisor, ex BD at Google Play Games
  • Sebastian Borget: Advisor, Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox

Who Are The Partners Behind Panzerdogs?

In December 2021, Lucky Kat joined forces with Fragbite Group, a leading esports company that is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The developers of the game have not yet announced if they are backed by some venture capital or not.

What Was Panzerdogs Release Date?

The full release of the game Panzedogs is not yet known by the public. The game has been in development for some time, but there is no official date set for its release. If you’re interested in learning more about Panzerdogs, check out the official website.

When Was Panzerdogs Pre-Sale?

Panzedogs is set to launch its tokens in Q4 2022, which will be a major milestone for the company. The tokens will be used for transactions between buyers and sellers who play the game.

Final Thoughts

Panzedogs’ team needs to find a balance between games and rewards so that players are satisfied with the value props in-game while making the game playable to new players. The issue isn’t exclusive to Panzerdogs because most projects have similar issues to deal with using their NFTs and token economics. However, Panzerdogs does have an extra layer to be managed by providing value to NFTs of the Dog Avatar NFTs that currently appear to be less valuable than tank pieces, even though they are the primary holding since launch. If the rarities of the Airdrops of free tanks were greater, you bet they’d be selling for more market value than the dog NFTs.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and found it useful. The game will be released soon, and we wanted to ensure that you know what you can expect. We’ll keep updating this page as we discover more about the game’s story and gameplay. For any queries and opinions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Official Website And Social Accounts

Website: https://home.panzerdogs.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/panzerdogs

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dSbEq6fBA2

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