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Peername – The Blockchain Based Domain Company

Since the blockchain appeared in the industry and people started to see its benefits, a lot of companies started implementing the blockchain technology in order to ease things. One of them is Peername. Peername’s purpose is to help buy your dream domain using the blockchain technology.

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Peername offers decentralized domain names while also having a few perks over a domain registration company. Firstly, they work with crypto-based domain, which require linux and cryptographic knowledge to create them – however they created a simple web platform that will help you wish this. Second, the domain are secured in a “Cold storage” – which means the domains and data will be kept in an offline device to eliminate the hacking risk completely. Also, they offer free in-and-out transfers – so you can move your domain for free and fast at any time if you have a buyer for it.

The blockchain-based domain company – Peername – brought something new in the industry. Using Peername, you can purchase your .bit domain using NameCoin from only $5.99 or .coin domain using EmerCoin from $6.99 and probably the most interesting one: .ETH domain using Ethereum name System starting from $29.99 per year.

.ETH is managed by the Ethereum Name System and are controlled by two Ethereum DApps (or ethereum smart contracts). These smart contracts are used for registering and resolving domain name and assuring the domains are completely decentralized, secured and censorship- resistant.

Peername is known to be the first registrar of decentralized domain names having the goal to provide the industry registration of domains using the blockchain. You can purchase a domain from Peername using Bitcoin, Altcoins via ShapeShift, PayPal or Credit Card(trough PayPal).

Peername also provides a browser extension needed to access blockchain-based domain , as those are not resolved by default internet providers The best part of it: its free and you can access a lot of TLDs like: .bit, .emc, .coin, .lib, .bazar and even NXT aliases.

In case you wish to buy your first blockchain-based domain, Peername is the best option for you. If you have any questions you can contact them on their email.