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Polygon Block Explorer Crash Causes Confusion Among Users

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On Wednesday, Polygonscan experienced a lengthy outage that led many to fear the Polygon network had shut down. The news of an alleged hours-long outage on the Polygon network went throughout the cryptocurrency community, causing uncertainty, mistrust, and not a little bit of fear.

The reports, however, were highly exaggerated as Polygon had not encountered any processing-related difficulties. Nonetheless, a few network nodes did go out of sync, according to a Polygon spokesperson; this was a much less severe problem.

The representative said: “Block creation never ceased, but there might have been a temporary decline in network performance. The systems have returned to normal when those nodes resynchronized.”

Nevertheless, a still-ongoing outage at Polygonscan, an independent chain explorer that tracks and examines activities on Polygon, appears to be what caused the wider alarm. At the time of writing, Polygonscan had resumed with new Polygon blocks or transactions.

During the brief period when it appeared as though Polygon had failed, Crypto Twitter quickly disseminated information about the alleged outage. Many leaped on the tale as proof of structural problems with Polygon’s functionality and long-term prospects, especially supporters of rival network Solana.

Others attempted to connect the rumors to yesterday’s declaration that Polygon would reduce its workforce by 20% in light of the present economic climate.

Then, Polygon leadership made an effort to calm the situation by emphasizing that Polygonscan, rather than the Polygon network, was the main target of the problem. Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal tweeted, “It seems Polygonscan is having some troubles,” before linking people to OKLink, another Polygon block explorer, which proved the network had no functional issues during the relevant time frame.
As it became evident that Polygon was safe, people embraced the information and retaliated against Solana, which has also had multiple outages in the past year.

Table of Contents


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