Preparing the Crypto Industry for Institutional Investors through Partnerships

The complex behaviour of blockchain tokens resident in unregulated exchanges, and the rampant volatility of cryptocurrencies are identified as the major reasons why institutional investors are reluctant to participate in the emerging industry.

An industry full of potentials

The potentials of the cryptocurrency industry far exceeds its current disposition. However, for it to move onto the next level, the industry must create an environment that will accommodate bigger investors such as financial advisors and institutional investors. The existing group of investors in the crypto market are largely comprised of individuals and small scale corporations whose volume of investment are easier to manage in terms of risk averseness. For institutional investors, risk management is one of the most crucial elements when considering an investment.


The size of the exchanges that are currently in existence in the crypto world both in terms of volume and capitalization simply cannot sustain the level of guarantee that can carry major investors. These independent exchanges that function mostly as unregulated entities are simply gateways that allow entry into the crypto world. Therefore, for the size and volume of capital than can make significant impact within the financial sector, major partnerships are essential and investors must have a level of reassurance about the safety of their investments.

Building through partnerships

The Legolas recent partnership with Markor, coupled with several other previous partnerships is aimed at providing a robust backbone. With offices in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Geneva, Gibraltar, Tel Aviv and Singapore, and over 100 group employees, this partnership will afford clients 24-hour global trading providing a single point of contact for more than 90 execution venues in cash equities only.

Others Legolas partnerships include BanQix, which enables customers to safely and securely deposit, withdraw and convert large sums of both fiat and crypto currencies. This will also provide users the opportunity to have Bitcoin bank accounts, making their Bitcoin investments as secure as fiat currencies.

The best of both worlds

All together, what Legolas is introducing to the industry is a hybrid system that combines the fundamental qualities of blockchain technology and that of centralized banking systems. This combination will explore the best of both worlds, and offer such benefits as fiat support, strong authentication, simplicity, as well as transparency and fairness. Also, as security of digital assets has always come to the forefront when discussing crypto investments, the company’s reliably secure systems and strategic partnership with Ledger ensures state of the art safeguards for crypto assets.


Other partnerships and collaborations by Legolas includes CertEurope, Arpinum, Talium and HackenProof. Therefore, in other to enhance it product development and full implementation, the company is offering its tokens in a public sale. The sale is scheduled to kick off on February 15 2018 by 12:00 PM GMT.

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