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Project Eluune: StarGarden Overview and Review




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NFTs / Solana Game NFTs / Solana NFTs

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NFTs, Solana Game NFTs, Solana NFTs

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StarGarden is a game built on the Solana blockchain, inside of Project Eluüne’s universe. It is a game in which you fight your guild against other players’ guilds in both Guild versus Environment and Guild versus Guild combat. At this time, the game is being developed for PC. Plans are to port it to iOS and Android soon.

What Makes StarGarden Unique?

As a player, you will recruit, craft, and organize a roster of creatures to explore the world with you. You and your guildmates will strategize with one another, battling alongside your creatures as you build structures on your StarGarden, repairing a shattered world and uncovering its many secrets. StarGarden combines the auto chess mechanics of Team Fight Tactics, the crafting systems of Animal Crossing, and the progressive guild play of World of Warcraft.


In the game, you can collect and craft blockchain assets that are truly owned by you. The StarGarden land is one of these valuable assets. The developers are leaving behind the old idea that players are just renters of the game, they are collaborators who build the world alongside the developers and own a piece of the game.

If you are interested in playing Project Eluune: StarGarden, then this guide is for you. We know it’s tough finding all the right information you need to get started as a beginner; that’s why our team put in the hours to compile this comprehensive piece. Here, you will find all the basic information on how to get started with Project Eluune: StarGarden and extra details about what makes this game different from most other games. But before we start, here is our comprehensive guide on what NFTs are if they are new to you. And this other guide will teach how to buy NFTs in a marketplace.

What Type Of Game Is Project Eluune: StarGarden?


Project Eluune: Star Garden is a team-based, auto-chess battler with RPG mechanics that can be played on PC or mobile. On your quest to repair a shattered world and uncover its secrets, you will build creature armies, outsmart enemy forces and work with friends as you explore. You will be part of a team that creates strategies for recruiting, crafting, training, optimizing, and merging powerful creatures. The game is free to play and designed to be enjoyed over the long term. This game is not just for playing with your friends, it’s for finding new friends as well. The game’s fresh aspect is its battle mechanics, which pit tribes against tribes in a fight for resources. Players join guilds or tribes, groups of 5-40 players who work together to achieve success in the game.



You, as a player, answer the call of Eluune, an entity from a hidden world who has sent us humans an SOS message. But then we discover that this is not just any hidden world. It seems to exist within the interstices of the internet. Eleriah is a techno-magical world teeming with a fantastic life and a rich history spanning millions of years. As you explore this mysterious frontier, a seemingly ancient portal shows glimpses of a war-torn world that needs your help.


You see floating pieces of land ripped from the very core of the continent. StarGardens, drifting in the sky. You are a citizen, arriving on these deserted islands and joining a Guild to learn about Eluune’s broken world. By joining the Lune Legion, you agree to work collaboratively and strategically with your guild to overcome the challenges you will face.

What Is Project Eluune: Star Garden Unique Selling Point (USP)?

The game fulfills two primary human needs that interactive media can provide:

Human Empowerment, Through Play and Own Tokenomics

A player’s most valuable contribution to a game world is their playing time. They feel that players who spend time collecting in-game assets should be allowed to own them, just as they would other things they buy or own in the real world. Each time your guild succeeds in a match, the value of the members of your guild grows. The game captures your efforts and transfers them to dynamic NFTs, which have real value based on how much effort you put into earning them. The more you use your dynamic NFTs, the more powerful they become.

Human Connection, Through Highly Social Gameplay

Many online games and social media platforms have a similar feeling to what you might experience in a busy airport terminal. While there are many people in the same space as you, everyone is going in a different direction and leaving you with little to no opportunity to make meaningful connections. Short-term match-ups often last 30–45 minutes and can involve a lot of player friction. The developer’s game design philosophy is focused on moving away from the airport terminal model and toward creating digital campfires that act as catalysts for social connection. They want to give you a setting that makes it easy to play the game over a long period of time so that the longer your guild works together, the more meaningful and rewarding the experience becomes.


Project Eluune: Star Garden has a different style on its roadmap because it is intertwined with the lore of the game. There is no information on the game progress that can be found in its roadmap. Therefore, we do not know if they are doing good or bad at this moment because there is no progress shown in the roadmap. Project Eluune: Star Garden roadmap is available on its official website, which you can find here.

What Is Project Eluune: StarGarden Use-Case?

Project Eluune: Star Garden aims to democratize eSports. They make it easy to join, and anyone can be part of a StarGarden; you are part of an eSports team when you play. Players can monetize their skills as they play more. The more they hone their skills and teamwork, the more money they could make. Any StarGarden owner can become the owner of an eSports team at a fraction of what it normally costs. If you ever dreamed of owning your favorite eSports team, here’s your chance. The eSport belongs to the community, so if you want to organize a tournament, go ahead. The developers won’t try to control it.

What Is Project Eluune: Star Garden Monetization Strategy?

In in-game economies, all goods tend to start at zero and increase as their supply increases. This leads to pooling, where goods increase in supply without being used. Pooling is an issue for players because it reduces the value of their earned goods over time. As an unlimited supply of something is approached, its value approaches zero. A solution for the pooling problem has been created in StarGarden. While there are a lot of tokens in the game’s economy compared to some other games, you typically only have access to a few of them at any point in your journey. As they advance to new Ingredients, they lose access to others. 

Players need to trade with one another in order to make sure all their needs are met. Thus, as players advance from one Ingredient to the next, the previous Ingredient has time to “refresh” or deplete. In addition, newly minted assets by players’ work in the game are used to craft rare game assets (Valaans). This prevents the game assets from being shared between players and protects the value of those assets for all participants throughout the game.

What Is Project Eluune: StarGarden Tokenomics?

They have multiple tokens for their players to use, for interdependence. The interdependency of people and groups is what makes an economy work because it creates a need for trade.


StarGardens are unique and non-fungible tokens. The first NFTs, Founding StarGardens, have already been minted. There will be other StarGardens available to players but they won’t have the same bonuses as Founding StarGardens.


In StarGarden, Players can use Ingredients to craft unique NFT creatures called Valaans. They can be used in battles with other creatures, trained, or sold to other players.


Ingredients are tokens used to craft items. There are 120 different ingredients in the game, and only 8 of them will be available to new players. As you advance, more rare ingredients will become available.


As the StarGarden world expands, you will discover other types of assets you can own. Some involve customizing your avatar or making it look like a different character from the game. And one type will be very exciting for players who love to collect rare items: Soulbound Non-Fungible Tokens.

Who Is The Team Behind Project Eluune: StarGarden?

StarGarden team

The team behind Project Eluune: StarGarden are experts in their field and work in reputable games such as Call of Duty, Gods Unchained World of Tanks, and many more. The team members include:

  • Cedric Gamelin – Founder and CEO
  • Meghan Mcwilliams –  Founder and CO
  • Ramin Shokrizade  – Fonder, Game & Economic Design
  • Craig Allen – CSO
  • Marc Hickerson – Head Of Finance
  • Craig Mcpherson – Head Of Production
  • Steve Skelton – Head Of Game Design
  • Menouer Matili – Head Of Blockchain
  • Jessica Kulchock – Head Of Brand 
  • Rohsail Tarar – Head Of Game Engineering
  • Victoria Johnson – Marketing Director
  • Derek Pastuszek – Chief Story Architect

Who Are The Partners Behind Project Eluune: StarGarden?

At the time of this writing, the developers of this project have not made any announcements about partnerships or investors working with the game.

What Was Project Eluune: StarGarden Release Date?

The full release of Project Eluune: StarGarden is still unknown to the public. We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on any new developments, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about Project Eluune: StarGarden, check out their official website here

When Was Project Eluune: StarGarden Pre-Sale?

On October 27th, 2021, a total of 7,027 Founder’s StarGardens were made available for purchase. It was the first time that these NFTs were minted on the Solana blockchain.

Final Thoughts

Based on our research, it’s still early to say if Project Eluune: StarGarden will be a revolutionary game project due to the competition in the market. There are many projects that have been launched in the gaming industry, but only a few have been able to stand out from the rest. These games have built their popularity in different ways, such as having an amazing concept and story, having great graphics, or even being able to attract a lot of gamers. In order for Project Eluune: StarGarden to be successful, we need to see how it can stand out from other games and find ways to make it unique so that it has an edge over its competition.

That said, it’s our hope you learned something new and that you have an even better understanding of the game. Feel free to share your opinion of the game in the comment section below. Any questions are also welcome.

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://www.projecteluune.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectEluune

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eluune

Medium: https://medium.com/@Arrivant_