qlink - Qlink Sings Partnership With Cenntro Automotive Group

Qlink Sings Partnership With Cenntro Automotive Group

The first decentralized mobile network, Qlink, has announced a partnership with Cenntro Automotive Group so as to develop an Internet of Vehicle (IoV). This partnership will allow for data transmission and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) services.

The technology will work deploying a blockchain based telecommunication platform. This solution includes the BaseStation, that will create 4G and Wi-Fi coverage, a telecom asset registration and IoV mobile data billing. In this way, the user will be able to contribute to the network through decentralized infrastructure.

Developing a Decentralized Value Chain

With this new platform, the vehicle industry will receive an important support by decentralizing the value chain. Besides that, these new developments help creating, designing, building and selling different vehicles.

“Cenntro is the ideal partner for Qlink to develop and launch IoV services. Vehicles are as indispensable as telecom services in our modern lives. Closely combining the two will build a smarter transportation structure for the future,” told Allen Li, CEO and chief architect of Qlink in a Medium post.

Qlink will launch its vehicle mounted base by the end of the next year. That would allow to install LTE network coverage to every single vehicle. Vehicles that will be built by Cenntro will be registered as telecom assets on the NEO blockchain.

Qlink tries to build a decentralized network and open source blockchain based telecom infrastructure to support the all forms of communication. Furthermore, this will create huge amounts of data consumption. That’s a new challenge to the telecommunication network speed and coverage capabilities. Good quality connection should arrive to places with less infrastructure, the speed and network must be prepared for an increased demand and the different enterprises must start to invest in infrastructure.

One of the founders of Cenntro, Wang Zuguang, was Unitech Telecom’s founder. This company was later rebranded to UTStarcom, a global telecom infrastructure provider which is focused on delivering innovative carrier-class broadband transport access products and solutions.