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Real Research, Powered by Blockchain Technology, Revolutionizes the Survey Industry

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Real Research

Real Research, a blockchain-based survey platform operated by TNC IT Group, disrupts the survey industry with blockchain-based survey technology. The project creates endless new opportunities within the data and research industry including a revolutionary way for sponsors (users) to create surveys on their own, and choose which respondents they wish to perform the survey on.

The team is excited to invite everyone to try out their research gathering application and see reliable and fast results when it comes to data gathering. According to the team, “with the power of blockchain, Real Research is safe from any kind of hacking or data manipulation. It is also safe from personal information leakages, allowing Real Research to offer a reliable platform to both sponsors and respondents.”

The team is also very proud of the platform’s speed of delivery. Through multiple surveys done by sponsors and the Real Research team as well, they found that surveys aiming for 3000 participants reach their target quota in a matter of minutes, while surveys aiming for 200,000 participants reach their target within 24 hrs.

In the platform, sponsors can target a large number of respondents. The analytics data shows that presently, the Real Research platform has more than 2.5 million users from 187 different countries.

One of the biggest issues faced by institutions was that they had to hire costly third-party survey companies to conduct surveys on their behalf. This is a huge hurdle that can be avoided with Real Research. On this platform, sponsors can log in to the platform and draft their own surveys. With Real Research, users can see live results in the sponsor portal and reduce the costs of gathering data.

Real Research representatives also mentioned that one of the most remarkable value propositions that Real Research brings is how it bridges the gap between data gatherers and survey participants. In the past, polling and survey services were only available to the media, large corporations, governments, and politicians. However, through Real Research’s utilization of blockchain technology, ordinary citizens now have access to this type of service.

According to the team, the participant segmentation can be applied through Real Research’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) levels. Anyone who wishes to use the platform must complete all 9 levels of the KYC profile process. The 9 KYC profile process includes the users’ gender, age, address, level of education, occupation, occupational category, and more. With this, researchers can reach their target audience and get the most accurate results that they can get.

To encourage the participants to give honest answers, the Real Research team created an incentivized solution that brings value to participants. For each survey answered, Real Research gives TNC Coins created by TNC IT Group as rewards.

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Table of Contents


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