Revolutionary Ways to Get Funded – ICO Roundups

· 26 May 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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In the world of cryptocurrency, initial coin offerings (ICOs) are the latest trend. ICOs are not even 10 years old, yet they already generate unprecedented interest worldwide. It is a very simple way for cryptocurrency startups to raise money.
This trend started back in 2013 when Mastercoin gave the cryptocurrency world the first ICO. Ethereum was the next cryptocurrency to make waves using it. Ethereum was able to raise over $2.3 million within the first 12 hours of its ICO.
By 2016, 54 major ICOs around the world raised over 100 million dollars. That figure grew to astronomical heights in 2017 when, according to, over 90 ICOs raised $1.25 billion.
There is no denying it. ICOs are a revolutionary new way for startups to raise needed money and get investors. With every new idea that is brought forward, there are always advantages and disadvantages. ICOs, in particular, have managed to be highly controversial. Everyday, major news outlets seem to have something to say about them.
Whatever the case may be, ICOs have revolutionized the way startup projects get investments. Without them, we would not have Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. Why don’t we take a quick look at the positive and negative impacts of ICOs?
Advantages Of ICOs 
– ICOs are open to anyone in the general public, regardless of age and gender. As long as you can marshall your funds into place quickly, you can participate or invest in an initial coin offering. This also means that startups projects are able to raise funds via a completely decentralized platform. Since investors can come from different parts of the world, the centralization is considerably less than usual.
– Another major advantage of ICOs is that regular individuals can play a role in multi-million dollar industries. People are privileged to shape the landscape of the world. Tech startups that would usually receive little funding have received multi-million dollar backings via ICOs. Every fresh project or startup brings a new idea or revolution to the table.
– The biggest advantage of ICOs is that they offer tokens at ridiculously low prices. Since they often attract investors by the millions, it takes very little financial power to invest in tokens. These tokens usually prove to be good investments in the long run. They can, therefore, be sold for profits, especially if the project is successful.
Disadvantages Of ICOs
– ICOs might pay dividends in the long run, but they are high risk ventures for investors. Most of the time, investors are purchasing tokens or coins for a startup project that is not fully off the ground. Although these projects show investors what their final project will look like, there is no guarantee that such projects will eventually take off.
– Another disadvantage is that ICOs are not regulated by any organization. Since most ICO investors turn out to be enthusiasts, investors will not be reimbursed if something goes wrong. Although there are smart contracts these days to lock up ICO funds, there is still a huge degree of risk.
– Lastly, it is not easy to partake in ICOs. These days, most ICOs sell out in minutes. This means that sometimes you need to conduct transactions at increased fees to make sure that it is registered by a network block.
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