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RIF Releases Self Sovereign Identity Developer Library and Repos

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RIF has officially released its Self Sovereign Identity solution. This was one of the most awaited releases this year. The team behind RIF has been working long hours in order to launch this new solution before the year-end. 

Developers and interested users will now be able to get access to RIF Identity’s developer library and repos in order to integrate their new Self Sovereign Identity solution into their projects. This will be opening a wide range of opportunities to developers in the blockchain industry. 

RIF Releases Self Sovereign Identity Solution

Developers and users are now able to integrate for free RIF’s Self Sovereign Identity solution. This will help projects in the blockchain market to start implementing credentials and decentralized identifiers to their solutions. 

It is worth mentioning that these decentralized identifiers are compliant with W3C’s VC and DID standards. This makes them compatible and interoperable with other W3C DID and VC systems. 

With RIF’s solutions, developers can focus 100% on users. Holders of credentials in the recently released system have the possibility to control their digital identity without issues. Moreover, this would help them keep control of the information they share. 

In addition to it, in a world in which data becomes increasingly valuable, this solution will allow you to show specific aspects of your information. If you need to share your birthday information, it will be shown without having to provide other sensitive data items. This gives control to customers and users over their information and provides them with greater sovereignty over their own personal information. 

This solution is not only available for crypto projects. Governments, organizations, private companies and individual developers can start using Self Sovereign Identities. This will allow them to properly offer secure & decentralized digital ID solutions. Organizations will not have to spend large sums of money trying to create their own solutions. RIF has already thought about everything and has released a competitive solution to the market. 

Users can start checking the GitHub repositories to integrate or collaborate with the newly released solution. 

The information can be found in the following links:

RIF Identity’s Commitment to Self Sovereign Identity

RIF Identity is one of the most important components for decentralized sharing economies. This data and information are verifiable and reliable. Moreover, as we explained in the previous section it is 100% compatible with W3Cs Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers standards. 

RIF Identity is also providing the necessary tools to offer users control over their digital identities, and more importantly, their reputation. Finally, RIF is also working with a wide range of blockchain use cases in the market including DeFi, Blockchain Oracles, Fungible & Non-Fungible tokens, etc. that are leveraging the Self Sovereign Identity solutions created. 

Table of Contents


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