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RSK Announces RWallet, IOV Labs’ Official Wallet for the RSK Ecosystem

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RSK is now announcing the new official IOV Labs blockchain wallet called RWallet. Users on iOS and Android can download the application in just a few second and start enjoying the wide range of features the wallet is currently offering.

RSK Launches the RWallet

The main advantage of the RWallet is the fact that is an open-source wallet and that it provides users with the possibility to handle their assets knowing that no 3rd party or RSK can access the tokens or personal information.

The wallet is based on the rWallet open-source code-base which helps the community to try new applications and use cases.

RWallet Features

As the company explained to UseTheBitcoin, the RWallet is currently offering support to Bitcoin (BTC), smartBitcoin (RBTC), RIF Token (RIF), Dollar on Chain (DOC), RIF on Chain (ROC) and RIF Pro (RPRO). In the future, new tokens can be added and increase the use cases for this wallet.

It is worth taking into consideration that users can send, receive, hold and even swap these tokens with one another. The swap features is a unique thing that very few competitors implemented until now.

In addition to it, users shouldn’t be worried about the language in which they use the wallet. At the moment, the wallet supports Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and also Korean. As new users start enjoying the benefits of the RWallet, new languages can be added in the future.

As mentioned before, RSK and no other third-party will have access to your information, private data or tokens using the RWallet. This is a very important thing because it will provide users with full custody of their funds and tokens.

In order to be able to handle their funds in a secure way, the wallet will provide a private key with a secure seed that would help users have a backup in case they lose access to the wallet or device.

Furthermore, RWallet has been launched with an exclusive integration with the RIF Name Service (RNS). That means that individuals and wallet users can start using their RNS human-readable blockchain domain with the wallet address. That would allow for easy and fast payments in digital assets to be processed.

For more exigent users, the RWallet includes an in-app decentralized app browser that would allow users to handle decentralized applications (dApps).

This is certainly something that would gap the current distance there is between decentralized applications and end-users. Considering this is a great solution for exploring dApps, users will discover and find new and exciting opportunities provided by several firms in the industry.

RSK3.JS Library Announcement

IOV Labs is also announcing the official public release of rsk3.js. These are Javascript libraries that will help developers to build their solutions, services and products using the advanced RSK blockchain network.

Considering that RSK’s blockchain shares many features with the web3 Javascript library for Ethereum (ETH). That means that it will be certainly easy for many developers to start using the rsk3.js library and start working on the RSK blockchain.

This wallet has been created using the rsk3.js libraries, showing the wide range of use cases that can be given to this blockchain network and solutions provided by IOV Labs.

The rsk3 libraries focus on security, compatibility with the RSK blockchain, reduced verbosity compared to web3 and lightweight codebase. All these benefits come at no trade-offs with security, ease of use or use cases.

With these libraries, developers will have the possibility to completely interact with the RSK network and part of the ecosystem. They will be connecting with accounts, contracts and other properties. Decentralized applications and other functions are going to be available as well with these libraries.

The team behind IOV Labs is also inviting the community to test the libraries, build solutions using them and provide feedback and ideas on how to make them better, improve their efficiency and continuously improve the services provided. Finally, they are also committed to supporting the development of these tools into the future, meaning that this can be very helpful for dApp creators, token builders and firms using distributed ledger technology.

You can also visit the developer portal with detailed API documentation and other valuable information: https://developers.rsk.co/libraries/rsk3js/

Blockchain Market In Continuous Expansion

The blockchain market continues to expand with firms and companies such as RSK and IOV Labs that are offering new and advanced solutions to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. Despite the expansion and growth experienced by distributed ledger technology and crypto projects, the underlying tools to facilitate this expansion must be improved at all times.

The RSK blockchain and RIF services will be available by using the RWallet and it will be supporting the RBTC, BTC and RIF digital assets. This shows the compromise the firm has to better serve developers and users in the industry.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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