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Ruff Officially Releases First LoRa Wireless Collector Supporting On-Chain Data Collection

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Recently, Ruff officially announced that after nearly six months of R&D and testing, the first LoRa wireless collector supporting on-chain data collection, the RWTi1000, is being released. As a wireless data transmission terminal based on LoRa spread spectrum technology, the RWTi1000 features long distance, low cost and consumption data transmission that is highly sensitive, interference resistant, and extremely reliable. Not only does it support two-way data transmission but also on-chain data collection for IoT value data where the business scenarios exist.

Fig.1: Product details of the Ruff LoRa wireless collector

The product solves issues in the access of traditional IoT data in wired networking plans such as complex wiring, expensive and long implementation cycles, and inconvenient fault determination. Moreover, it can achieve more stable and efficient transmission of core settlement and value data in business scenarios to ensure stable circulation and exchange on the blockchain during data chaining processes.

Fig.2:  Technical architecture of Ruff LoRa wireless collector applied to a photovoltaic power station

As shown in the figure above, the Ruff LoRa wireless collector can match the transmission protocols of the inverter and electricity meter and reliably collect data from the equipment in the photovoltaic power station. At the transmission protocol layer, the collector supports Modbus and DLT645. At the network layer, wireless data is transmitted to the collection gateway using the LoRa protocol; after the collection gateway acquires the power station data, it automatically starts local edge computing to directly chain electricity data with settlement value to Ruff Chain through the Ruff SDK interface, while other flow data is stored on the cloud. Therefore, terminal customers can achieve asset securitization on the chain while power station maintainers can obtain corresponding status data from the cloud to support stable operation and maintenance.

In addition to photovoltaic power stations, the Ruff LoRa wireless collector has also been applied to intelligent agriculture where it is configured to transmit data from smart greenhouses. By connecting the collector to the electrical cabinet in the greenhouse, it can be used to obtain data such as air temperature and humidity, soil acidity, and light intensity. This data is uniformly transmitted to the gateway layer, and value data is added to Ruff Chain through the Ruff SDK using local edge computing at the gateway, which is the same data chaining process as in the photovoltaic power station.

Fig.3: Technical architecture of the Ruff LoRa wireless collector applied in intelligent agriculture

For customers, the Ruff LoRa wireless collector can greatly reduce project costs. Moreover, compared with traditional solutions, it is free from wiring, which reduces not only equipment costs but construction difficulty. Second, at the network level, the Ruff LoRa wireless collector can achieve greater stability, guaranteeing the consistency of data collection and transmission, and protecting valuable settlement data in preparation for addition to the blockchain. Finally, the Ruff LoRa collector is easy to use, making it convenient for installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

The Ruff LoRa wireless collector has already entered mass production. Beyond applications in areas such as photovoltaic power stations and intelligent agriculture, the Ruff LoRa collector will be applied in other sectors such as intelligent buildings, WitPark, and shared charging stations to provide practical solutions that allow traditional customers to upgrade to blockchain technologies.

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