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Scammers Continue To Operate Despite Lower Crypto Interest – NEO and Huobi Users Affected

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Scammers continue to operate in the cryptocurrency market despite the fact that the bull market of 2017 has been left behind and that interest for virtual currencies has decreased in recent years. There are several cryptocurrencies and platforms that have been affected in recent times due to scammers trying to steal users’ funds through a diverse range of methods. 

NEO Users Affected

The NEO Smart Economy account on Twitter has released an official warning about Telegram groups that are currently promoting NEO or token giveaways. This is something that has affected a large number of users over the last years. Scammers use fake Telegram accounts that seem to be legit and impersonate exchanges, support teams from blockchain projects and more, in order to get funds from their respective communities. 

In this case, the NEO scam was promoted using Telegram and users were sending funds to a scammer that promised to give money back to those users that send funds to a specific address. Of course, once the user sends money or cryptocurrencies to the account provided by the scammer, he can be sure he will never see the funds doubling. 

Huobi Informs About Phishing Websites

Using Telegram groups is not the only way that hackers and scammers have in order to steal funds from users. Indeed, another way of doing so is by creating phishing websites that look the same as the original website of an exchange, in this case, Huobi. Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. 

These websites may use your credentials if you try to log in from this site. If that happens, your account will definitely be compromised and affected. You should always confirm that the website where you are working on is the official one and they are not trying to scam you. 

These cryptocurrency platforms will never ask for funds from the community and from followers. If you see that they are asking you to send funds to a specific wallet, do not believe in this and avoid getting in contact with these people. 

Litecoin (LTC), Binance and other projects and crypto figures have been impersonated in order to promote scams and other phishing attempts. Remember that the cryptocurrency community is still not mature enough and that nobody will give you anything for free. Furthermore, always remember that you are the owner of your funds and that you became your own bank.