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Skin & Cryptocurrency Gambling Like Never Before on Gamdom.com


John Asher


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John Asher


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John Asher


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There are many skin gambling websites on the market right now, but how do you know which one is legitimate or safe?

Gamdom puts your worried mind at ease, as it is a fully licensed online casino that accepts CSGO, VGO, DOTA2 and Bitcoin deposits for its safe, high-quality gambling games.


What Games Does Gamdom Have?

Gamdom has created exciting games for users interested in VGO gambling, CSGO gambling, DOTA gambling, and skin trading.

The four available games, Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo, are played using Gamdom Coins, the platform’s in-currency. When depositing Bitcoin or skins, the items/crypto are then converted into Gamdom Coins.

As the name suggests, Tradeup is a game in which you trade skins by putting a sum of coins up for a skin from Gamdom’s market place. The Roulette, Crash and HiLo games are based on their classic counterparts, but with a few twists, to be more appropriate for CSGO and VGO gambling.

What Bonuses Can You Win?


The most defining feature of Gamdom would be its Rainbot bot that provides active chat users with free coins; they are automatically distributed once every 2-28 minutes.

You just have to pay attention and click on the blue cloud that appears in the chat.

Daily Rewards

Gamdom sends rewards, on a daily basis, to all users that have verified their account (they can do so via SMS); these verified accounts are also eligible to receive Rainbot coins.

Name Promotion

By placing “Gamdom.com” in your Steam user name, you become eligible to receive great bonuses and prizes, such as two times the Daily Bonuses and 50% more on the Rainbot reward. Players will receive a double-up of the XP earned when completing a level. Gamdom bonuses and rewards are more substantial depending on your level.


On social platforms, such as VK, Twitter, or Instagram, Gamdom comes with numerous contests and giveaways that give users an opportunity to win many prizes for completing simple tasks.


At the end of each Crash game, a percentage of the players’ wagers of that particular round will be deposited into a jackpot and divided amongst them afterwards. The winner receives the highest rate of the pot.

Roulette Jackpot

Gamdom also features a roulette bonus that is similar to the Crash Jackpot. The difference is that the distribution percentages are different, as they’re based on what colors the players have betted on.

The Roulette game is a number spinner which generates random values, from 0 to 14. Players can bet on three colors: red, black, and green. Users that bet on red and black can double their wager; the bets made on green multiply their wager 14 times.

The winner of a Roulette Jackpot receives 70% of the pot; 20% is divided among the bettors of the winning colors, and 10% is distributed to those that have placed their wagers on the losing colors. The coins from each roulette round/spin are collected and deposited into the jackpot (it can appear randomly, at any time).

HiLo Jackpot

The HiLo jackpot gives 52% of the pot to first place, 30% will be split between those that have bet on the winning card/cards and 18% to those that have gambled on the losing colors.

Other features

Provably Fair Platform

Gamdom.com games are all provably fair, and the site is fully verified. The fairness of each game is tested on a server separated from the platform, and users are able to check the games by themselves by searching the SHA256 hash.

Each game has a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes generated by the platform. All hashes are published, and the results are predetermined by the SHA256 function. This system ensures that no one, even Gamdom, can change the results of the games.

Stress-free Withdrawal

Withdrawing your Bitcoins, items or skins from Gamdom is a simple and instant process. After you have met the deposit and gambling amount requirements, you can select how much you want to cash out and have your items and skins delivered in an instant.

Competent Support Team

There are three support sections dedicated to different aspects of the platform: normal support, technical and marketing support. Each department is highly knowledgeable and eager to assist you in solving all your issues or questions.

A pertinent FAQ section is also available on the platform to help address some relevant questions regarding site use and bonuses.

Hiring New Developers

Gamdom is constantly on the lookout for new and talented developers to help them improve the functionality and user experience of their website.

As a result, Gamdom is interested in adding skilled front-end and back-end developers to their team. React.js and Node.js developers with great English skills are the desired candidates for this position.

Developers that are interested can contact Gamdom regarding the job at the following address [email protected].

Gamdom is a CSGO, DOTA2, and VGO gambling platform which aims to offer a safe and fun casino environment to all its players.