snapy2 - SnapyCoins - The Reddit Of Cryptocurrency

SnapyCoins – The Reddit Of Cryptocurrency

In the world of cryptocurrency, communities found places to connect with each other. Some people use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and even Reddit. But there’s not a place where people could easily interact with each other. Not until SnapyCoins was launched though.

Reddit For Crypto Or More?

SnapyCoins wants to bring every cryptocurrency community on one website. The website looks like Reddit, but it plans to be more than this. The future plan consist on a variety of tools implemeted so that people could share their love for their favorite cryptocurrencies. The design looks simple & professional – like any website should be – and of course you can share any of the stories on social media.

On SnapyCoins you could also check the most trending tags and see which cryptocurrency is hot for the day – and why. It could be an easy way to keep up with the news. It works on the same principle as on Reddit. If you like a story, you’ll upvote it. Otherwise, no. It’s a social bookmarking website crafted especially for the cryptocurrency industry.

As a website owner, SnapyCoins would mean a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you have quality content and you’d post it there – it would get upvoted and reach to multiple cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Besides this, you’d get quality backlinks for your website.

Same if you’re trying to promote your ICO. You can submit to a general category and gain different people’s interest. This people can be your investors in the future, who knows. A great fact about SnapyCoin is that communities could be easily builded and people would share ideas with the developers in a much easier way as before – ideas validated by the community’s upvotes.

SnapyCoins is a crypto project with a huge potential, who needs a bit of attention – as it just started. If you want to help them out, check their website and see how can you improve the community.

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