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Solana Outage: Network Down Since 10:22 UTC, Validators Plan Restart

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The Solana mainnet beta network encountered a performance issue at approximately 09:52 UTC, which halted block production and transactional activity. Core engineers and validators are actively investigating the outage’s root cause, which has left users unable to process transactions on the network.

Confirmed Outage:

  • Both validators and the Solana blockchain explorer confirmed the outage, bringing all network activity to a standstill.
  • Block production, which is responsible for adding new transactions to the blockchain, has been halted, impacting users looking to send or receive SOL tokens or interact with decentralized applications built on Solana.

Community Response:

  • Anticipating a potential restart, validators generate snapshots of their local ledger states. These snapshots capture the state of the network at a specific point in time and will be crucial for resuming operations smoothly.
  • Development teams are diligently working on a fix for the issue. Once the fix is built and thoroughly tested, further instructions will be provided to validators to guide them through the restart process.

Market Impact:

  • News of the outage triggered a temporary dip in the price of Solana’s SOL token. At the time of writing, SOL is trading around $94, reflecting a decrease of over 2% since the outage began.

Previous Occurrence:

  • This is not the first time the Solana network has faced an outage. In April 2023, the network was down for nearly two days, raising concerns about its scalability and reliability.

Current Status:

  • The duration and full impact of the outage remain unclear. The Solana community is actively working towards a swift resolution and network restart.
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