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SOLANAX Private Sale Is On For The World’s Fastest Cross-Chain DEX On Blockchain

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The cryptocurrency world is bombarded with an ever-increasing number of crypto coins or tokens every other day. It’s difficult for crypto investors to keep track of all and choose the best one. If you are still indecisive, here is your chance to invest in the private sale of Solanax.

The Solanax Platform

The boom in the cryptocurrency market has left people wondering about the long-term growth prospects and which cryptocurrency they should invest in. Solanax is an automated market maker (AMM) based on the Solana blockchain, which is set to be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency world. Fret not if you haven’t gotten your hands on it, as you have not missed the investment opportunity yet, given their private sale is still on!

Why Should One Participate And What Are The Benefits?

After parsing through their team of professionals, whitepapers, their project plans, and unique platform capabilities, there is no doubt that once the platform is up and running in full swing, it will undoubtedly change the way people transact today with its simple interface for the public to trade at a record higher blockchain speed and lower gas fees.


  • There are no time-consuming processes or intermediaries.
  • It offers a very simple interface and lower gas fees while initiating the transactions.
  • Solanax increases blockchain speed and makes it more convenient to transact than its peers in the cryptocurrency market.
  • As Solanax is based on Solana’s Proof-of-History verification concept rather than a Proof-of-Work system (as that of Ethereum’s), it will enable users to leverage Solanax’s phenomenal transaction capabilities (Solanax to handle thousands of transactions in a second as compared to Ethereum’s 15).
  • The most crucial part is that while speeding up blockchain transactions and lowering gas prices, Solanax does not compromise on the security aspect.

Do Not Miss Out On The Ongoing Private Sale Of Solanax!

Solana blockchain is substantially faster compared to its peers, and the ongoing private sale is an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and investors to participate in this game-changer prospect.

The private sale is still ongoing until Friday, 25th June!

Total Supply: 80 000 000 SOLD Tokens

There will be 20 Million SOLD Tokens distributed before the CEX listing.

Private Sale                                   : Total available token supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

Period                                          : From 06/06/2021 to 25/06/2021

Token Price                                   : $0.1 with 3months vesting period

Token Price                                   : $0.15 w/o vesting period

Initial Exchange Offering   : Total available supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

You can contact their sales staff at [email protected] for assistance with any questions you may have.

Final Words

Solanax aims to revolutionize the DeFi exchange network and enhance efficiency levels to new highs. With DeFi gaining popularity, there is an urgent need for the industry to look beyond the older cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The sluggish transaction speed is one of the prime reasons for Solanax not preferring the Ethereum-like platforms. Besides, Solanax, with its high blockchain speed, simple interface, and low gas fees, is truly a game-changer for crypto aficionados, and Solanax’s Ongoing Private Sale presents the perfect investment opportunity for investors.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents