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SolChicks Overview and Review

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SolChicks is a game on the Solana blockchain in which you control a warrior from the SolChick race who fights against enemies called SolFox. Its ecosystem is designed with a gameplay loop and reward system that rewards players for participating in the game. The developers of this project are creating a game with high-quality artwork and in-game features that are unique and well thought out and have strong credentials.

What Is SolChicks?

SolChicks is a virtual game based on the NFT protocol that rewards players with cryptocurrency for playing. Players can buy and sell NFTs, unique items that cannot be replicated in the game. They can then take part in battles with other users to earn money and improve their ranking. There are a total of 10,000 SolChicks, and each one is unique. If you own two of them, you can breed them to create SolEggs. 

Solchicks team has built a proven record of building successful crypto and gaming platforms, giving them the expertise to create a seamless universe for you to explore. The team has worked hard to develop the highest quality NFT gaming experience that will stand out from its competitors. They are confident that Solchicks will provide you and your friends with endless hours of fun.

SolChicks Battle

This article will introduce and explore SolChicks, a game that has already attracted the crypto gaming community’s attention. You might have already heard about it or are new to this game, so the article will cover all the basics and interesting topics you need to know to start playing it. But, before we start, feel free to check out our guides on the process of buying NFTs and Selling NFTs on various marketplaces.

What Type Of Game Is SolChicks?

SolChicks Saga is a play-to-earn multiplayer role-playing game where you use your unique SolChicks NFTs as your game characters. Players can enjoy SolChicks Saga in multiple ways, such as participating in PvE or PvP challenges, farming rare items and seeking hidden treasures, or even treating your SolChicks like pets. The SolChicks Saga MMO game is NFT-driven, with each player’s NFT serving as their gaming avatar.

SolChicks Gameplay

There are there different game modes in the SolChicks metaverse:

Adventure Mode (PVE)

Adventure Mode is the main PvE mode, which is divided into chapters. Within each chapter, there are 10 zones. Each chapter will introduce you to a different location on Planet Mellow, and each zone within that chapter will provide an opportunity to explore a distinct setting.

Raid Mode (PVE)

SolChicks Raid Battle

The raids are designed so that players can have short discrete experiences, working together against a raid boss. Raid bosses will be designed to provide a challenge even for experienced players.

PVP Mode

In the PVP battle mode, the game will track each player through the MMR system. Each player’s MMR will increase after winning a match and completing objectives. To enter a battle, you will start from the battle lobby. Here you can select your SolChicks from your Game Account and equip them with corresponding equipment and items to maximize their performance in battle.


Solchicks are a fictional warrior species of chicks who lived on the planet Chicco. They fought a battle with Solfoxes, who defeated them and drove them into hiding. The story of the game starts when the characters arrive in Solana. Players begin the game with a single pet, which is free and can be upgraded. Then the improved and upgraded version is put into battles against other players in multiplayer modes, like PvP and co-op missions.

What is SolChicks Unique Selling Point (USP)?


The game offers more than 10,000 unique SolChick characters for the players to collect, each with its own personality and appearance. So, like many NFT games, the goal is to collect many SolChiks as an investment. The interesting and fun feature of the game is the “breeding” option, where players can breed their characters to produce offspring. 

Players with two SolChicks tokens can breed a new SolChicks token on its official website by paying a requisite fee of $CHICKS and $SHARDS. At first, there will be a new Egg NFT from breeding that will take 5 days to hatch into a new SolChick NFT. When you cross a SolChick with another breed, the offspring will have a similar personality to one of its parents.


SolChicks has a very detailed roadmap available on their website. It shows the project’s development until the fourth quarter of 2022, with each quarter broken down into specific development stages. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check it out here.

What is SolChicks’ Use Case?

SolChicks is a game that allows players to collect rare virtual items and then sell or trade them on the marketplace. This is possible thanks to blockchain technology, which gives players complete control over their digital assets. Each SolChicks NFT in your collection is a piece of the game world you can use to interact with other players. SolChicks aims to unite people through an enjoyable gaming experience based on blockchain technology.

What Is SolChicks Monetization Strategy?

The primary way to earn SolChicks is through the sale of NFTs. In SolChicks, each user owns an NFT chick. You cannot play the game without buying one. A total of 10,000 chicks have been released so far, each with a unique design and attributes. All chicks are available for purchase on marketplaces. SolChicks are already present on major platforms such as Solanart.

Players can also look forward to earning and gaining rewards through:

  • Earning rewards in the game, such as $SHARDS and $CHICKS tokens that can be traded on exchanges.
  • Collecting rare in-game items and minting them as NFTs to be traded on marketplaces.
  • Players can earn SolCoins and spend them on in-game items like consumable items.

What is SolChicks Tokenomics?

$CHICKS is a governance token of SolChicks and is required for breeding NFTs. 10 billion $CHICKS tokens will be released, with tokens being released slowly in accordance with a schedule. While $SHARDS is a utility token that SolChicks NFT holders can earn by winning battles in the SolChicks game, completing daily/weekly missions, etc.

The allocation of $CHICKS tokens is shown in the chart below:

SolChicks Tokenomis

Who Is The Team Behind SolChicks?

SolChicks is run by a team of 100+ dedicated individuals responsible for strategy, development, partnerships, marketing, social media, and community. Everyone on the team is fully committed to the long-term success of the project.

You can check its fully integrated team here.

Who Are The Partners Behind SolChicks?

SolChicks Partners

SolChicks has built a long list of partnerships. One of the reasons that this project is so successful is because it has forty launch pads. The partnership list includes big-name blockchain leaders like Brave Browser and Chainlink. Also, SolChicks has several celebrity supporters, including rapper, actor, and filmmaker Ice Cube. If you want to know more about SolChicks partners, the full list can be seen here.

What Was SolChicks Release Date?

SolChicks will release its full version of the RPG game and the fully play-to-earn integration in the fourth quarter of 2022. This new version of the game will allow users to play to earn fully, and players will be able to unlock new areas and earn rewards for completing quests. If you’re interested in learning more about SolChicks, check out the website here. 

When Was SolChicks Pre-Sale?

The SolChicks token sale was launched on November 26, 2021. SolChicks has raised over $20 million to date, with its public round bringing in investors that value the company at $400 million. SolChicks’ IDO is being conducted at more than 30 launchpads for $0.05 per token. This implies a fully diluted market capitalization of $500 million.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the value of SolChicks will be determined by how both gamers and crypto enthusiasts receive it. Only time will tell, but this project has a lot going for it from a technical perspective, and its potential to rival the collectible crowd in terms of price point is there. If you’re at all curious about NFTs and blockchain-based gaming as a concept, SolChicks are certainly worth looking into.

This page will be updated with any new information that comes our way, so stay tuned! And if you have any comments or questions, feel free to write them below.

Official Website And Social Accounts

Website: https://www.solchicks.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolChicksNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/solchicks

Telegram: https://t.me/solchicksnft

Medium: https://solchicks.medium.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SolChicksNFT

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/solchicks

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@solchicks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solchicksFB

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SolChicks

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/solchicks

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