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Space Falcon Overview and Review

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Space Falcon

Space Falcon is an intergalactic metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain. Players journey throughout the cosmos to establish an empire by completing in-game objectives and collecting non-fungible tokens. Space Falcon seamlessly transitions you from the original 80s gameplay setting to a futuristic 2080 SciFi era.

What Makes Space Falcon Unique?

Space Falcon is a Web-based game that can be played with any browser on the internet. It’s a variant of the classic space shooting game, which rewards players through blockchain-based reward mechanisms.

Soon, it will be available on mobile phones that support iOS and Android. Players must possess a Phantom wallet linked to their Space Falcon to play Space Falcon. The variety of custom-made components improves the gaming experience.

Space Falcon

In this article, we will review the various features that come with Space Falcon and assist you in understanding the game and how it functions. We will also discuss its pros and cons that can help you determine whether Space Falcon is a good game for you or not. But, before we get started, consider checking our comprehensive guides on what are NFTs, how to buy NFTs, and how to sell NFTs if these digital assets sound foreign to you.

What Type Of Game Is Space Falcon?

Space Falcon has recreated the classic space shooter game in 3D to play in an online browser that rewards players to play by integrating blockchain-based reward systems. Space Falcon’s diverse collection of assets that can be customized makes the game experience extremely enjoyable.

The Falcon Metaverse works in three dimensions:

The Falcon Mission – It is an iconic shooter game featuring 10 levels. Players can update and exchange their spaceships for NFTs on a regular basis. To cross between the two generations, players require liquid gold.

The Falcon Galaxies – While playing, players are given different missions, which provide rewards. Players are able to earn Galaxy ownership upon accomplishment of their assignments. Galaxies are traded as NFTs. However, owners also enjoy a bonus, that is, the owner gets tax from the other players every time they visit their respective Galaxy.

The Falcon MetaGround – It is a neutral Galaxy where players can gather to experience an exhilarating VR Reality(VR) experience in various galaxies. There is also an inventory that allows players to buy weapons or upgrades.

Space Falcon


The players (the “Falconians”) start with Falcon Mission: a traditional shooter game that has 10 levels. Space Falcon’s action occurs on galaxies and planets, with some of them able to be won by the acquisition of NFTs, which the players earn as they complete their missions.

What Is Space Falcon Unique Selling Point (USP)?

It is built upon Solana, which is a constantly evolving blockchain gaming platform that is a decentralized game on the blockchain platform. To create and implement NFTs, Space Falcon relies on Stardust -the most reliable provider of blockchain-based assets. The game also utilizes the Metaplexprotocol to launch its own storefront for NFT hosted on its own. Players can also connect to various wallets such as Slope Finance, Solflare, Phantom, Torus, etc. This makes purchases in the app more easily accessible.


Space Falcon has a clear roadmap as seen on its website. Almost all of the milestones as of this writing are accomplished. Here is the game roadmap for 2023:

  • Web multiplayer space shooter game that can be played within the browser
  • NFT Auctions for story mode assets
  • Integrate custom map creation architecture
  • The first play-to-earn-reward mechanism
  • Start Unity/Unreal version of the game
  • Battle Royale mode
  • Regional Multiplayer server configuration
  • Play-to-earn Monetization
  • NFT turn-based game

What Is Space Falcon Use-Case?

Space Falcon has designed a 3D version of the classic space shooting game that is able to be played on the web and rewards players with blockchain-based reward systems. It’s also the very first next-generation intergalactic P2E metaverse with the classic space shooter game with top sci-fi-themed NFT all over the universe. It also features space file convertible gaming. The metaverse is born from the combination of the latest blockchain technology, real-time graphics class that combines video games that are immersive, and blockchain technology that is decentralized.

What Is Space Falcon Monetization Strategy?

Space Falcon

There are many ways to earn from Space Falcon. You can build up your score through engaging in the game (Falcon missions) and then being rewarded according to the leaderboard. However, an interesting method to earn money is through NFTs which are a collection of Spaceships and weapons, Planets, Moons, and more that are all part of Space Falcon and gradually gain value. The players will also be rewarded in proportion to their time playing, and of course, the best players on the leaderboard will be awarded special rewards with tokens.

What Is Space Falcon Tokenomics?

FCON is the token used in Space Falcon. It is used to buy NFT things like rare spacecraft, exotic weapons as well as spaceship enhancements. It can also be invested in secondary market liquidity pools and then can be used to purchase land ownership. You can earn FCON depending on the length of time you play. The longer you are playing, the higher the reward. FCON has an overall supply of 20 billion tokens, worth about $606,000, as well as an initial supply of 300 million. The price for public sale is $0.0020 and a private sale price of $0.0016. FGOLD is the currency in the game. It is not available outside of the game, and there will be many methods to make and use the FGOLD.

Space Falcon

Who Is The Team Behind Space Falcon?

The developers behind Space Falcon consist of people who are experts in blockchain and gaming development. Space Falcon team members can be seen on the list below:

Space Falcon

Who Are The Partners Behind Space Falcon?

The developers are currently focusing on product development and growing their teams. They already have some investors and partners working with them including some of the leading names in the crypto space. 

What Was Space Falcon Release Date?

Space Falcon hasn’t been fully released and the date is yet to be revealed. However, you can still play the available version on the game’s website.

When Was Space Falcons Pre-Sale?

Space Falcon NFT mint presale was launched on February 23. To be able to participate in the NFTs sale the interested buyers must be approved for whitelisting. It is required that the participants have wallets and fill in a form. If you are interested in buying the game NFTs, you can buy them here.

Final Thoughts

Our objective with this guide is to provide you with all the information you need to get started with Space Falcon. By going through it, you should have a fair understanding of the project, its features, perks, and so forth. If you have any questions or opinions on this game, feel free to leave them in the comments section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://spacefalcon.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceFalconIO

Discord: https://discord.gg/tTvAhaBKqH

Medium: https://medium.com/@SpaceFalconIO

Telegram: https://t.me/spacefalconIO

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