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SpringRole: A Better Way to Build Credible Professional Profiles Powered by Blockchain

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When LinkedIn was founded in 2002, it provided a much-needed social media platform dedicated to helping people build career connections. Over time, however, the site has continued to become overrun with inaccurate or fake profiles. This is the reason why SpringRole is aiming to change the landscape of professional networks by creating a blockchain solution for the verification and attestation of real-world skills and qualifications.

The Problem with Current Profile Verification and Attestation

Social networks like LinkedIn have had a positive impact on the careers of many people. However, individual users have no power in the use of their own data in this type of centralized content platform business model. What this essentially means is that LinkedIn gets to monetize vast amounts of user data, and the users receive nothing in return.

In this system, users can potentially benefit from getting a new, higher paying job. Still, this is just a possibility and far from a guarantee. In an ever-competitive job market, the incentive for job seekers to create falsified profiles to gain an advantage is very real, and the risks for doing so are relatively low.

For recruiters and companies, there hasn’t traditionally been an efficient way to verify the accuracy of resumes and online work portfolios. This not only results in countless bad hires that waste time and money for companies but also makes it much more difficult for truthful job seekers with real merit to gain the attention they deserve from potential employers.

Even as platforms are now trying to create better ways to verify a person’s true abilities (i.e. requiring skills tests), these systems can often be easily cheated. For example, testers can find the test answers online or take quizzes multiple times. This makes attempts at gauging true skill abilities very ineffective; therefore, potential employers oftentimes disregard these test scores as factors for determining skill level.

Spring Role Solution

By creating a blockchain platform for the identity verification process of professional profiles, SpringRole aims to reduce or even eliminate false resumes/online career profiles.

The project proposes a blockchain platform that will include two key factors: crowdsourcing reputation in particular skills via endorsements and verifying/validating professional details via organizational attestations.

Attestors can consistent of individuals, companies, universities, course providers, examine providers, and more. Attestors will be able to verify the truthfulness of various claims made by professional profiles.

Token Ecosystem

Unlike centralized systems where users get no potential direct benefit from using the platform, the Spring network will use Spring tokens (SPRING) as economic incentives for users.

There are a number of ways in which users can earn SPRING. These include completing profiles, validating profiles, giving endorsements, referring friends/companies, and more. SPRING can also be spent to endorse or attest a skill, and potential employers/recruiters can obtain access to attested or validated resumes using Spring tokens.

SpringRole also offers a freelancing job board that uses a combination of smart contracts and the reputation system of the Spring network. For companies, this type of hiring will help to ensure that potential freelancers are qualified for the job. Freelancers will be able to earn SPRING and also have a way to showcase task-oriented abilities, giving more weight to their SpringRole professional profiles.

The SpringRole token ecosystem will ultimately create a better future for companies and job seekers alike by providing a decentralized platform for trust and immutability of professional profiles.

Additional Info

You can read more details about the project in the SpringRole whitepaper or in this video interview with CEO Kartik Mandaville.

You can also find more info about the project’s token presale on this page.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents