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Stablecoin Games

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There’s an option for how to enjoy casino games and stay away from sometimes painful crypto market fluctuations.

The solution is to hold and operate with stablecoins within the crypto space.

Crypto Stablecoins

Bitcoin and other crypto markets have always been highly volatile. There has to exist a way to bypass this detriment to attract more people and institutions into the crypto world.

That’s the reason why crypto fans started to use stable cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are multiple crypto stablecoins, some marginal and some with gigantic market capitalization.

Their value is pegged 1-to-1 to the US dollar (or other FIAT currency). Clever mechanisms accomplish such an equilibrium. Every stablecoin will have a slightly different one, but the goal is always the same; to retain the value of the given coin or token.

The Crypto community willingly received the stablecoins. The reason is the stables facilitate many operations and extend the possibilities within the ecosystem.

To utilize stablecoins, try the most used and trusted ones:

All of these are backed by US reserves.

Casino Games with Stablecoins

The Crypto gambling sector was influenced by the stablecoins rise, too. Holding crypto might be perceived as gambling on its own, so crypto gambling sounds like gambling squared. And that might be too risky for many people.

To attract new players, Bitcoin casinos started implementing stablecoins, mainly USDT and USDC. Nowadays, it’s possible to find gambling sites accepting BUSD, DAI, or Luna’s UST.

What games can you play with Stables?

Most Bitcoin casinos offer similar games selection. Let it be in-house games or thousands of slots by various 3rd-party providers.

For real-time gambling, see the Live action tables.

If the casino supports stablecoins, you can try your luck in the following games:

  • Dice
  • Plinko
  • Blackjack
  • Bacarrat
  • Roulette
  • Slots – Various themes and designs

To increase your VIP level of sites’ loyalty programs, choose Dice. It provides the ability to put in enormous wagering during a short period. If you’re hungry for a monstrous hit, spin the reels of any slot machine. Join the Blackjack or other card game tables to feel the thrill of a live game.

As you can see, with stablecoins, your options are unlimited. Try to hit your lucky streak and walk away with a boosted USDT balance.

Bet On Sports With Stablecoins

Enjoy a fun time with crypto casino games, but you can also wager on sports with stablecoins. The majority of Bitcoin sportsbooks cover important matches of various sports and leagues.

Do you focus on pre-match markets or look for beneficial In-play opportunities? Participate in both.

Do you love soccer? Crypto sportsbooks got you covered. Deposit any supported stablecoin and place a bet. If you are bored of the standard betting lines, browse through hundreds of side bets.

Are you an esports expert? No problem. Place sophisticated bets on many available esports betting lines from titles such as League of Legends, Dota2, or CS:GO. Most crypto sportsbooks provide an esports section.


Stablecoins are a great innovation in the current crypto world. The ability to shield yourself from crazy crypto price movements and retain access to crypto gambling is fantastic.

If you’d like to turn a part of your crypto portfolio into stables, do so on centralized or decentralized exchanges.

Be happy as you keep access to Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks. Place bets as you’d do with Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Table of Contents


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