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Stake Crypto Casino Sponsors Formula 1 Racing Team

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Formula One

Stake.com, one of the largest and most popular casinos in the market, has secured a new partnership with the Formula 1 Alfa Romeo Racing Team. According to a recent press release, this is a record-breaking partnership that will help the Formula 1 Racing Team create a new identity. This would represent a great opportunity for Stake and crypto-related companies to be represented at one of the largest sporting events in the world. 

Stake Enteres Partnership with F1 Racing Team

Stake.com, the leading crypto casino, has signed a new partnership with the Formula 1 Racing Team Alfa Romeo. The announcement represents a unique opportunity for a crypto-related company to get exposure to millions of fans worldwide. This is not the first agreement signed by Stake, as the company is expanding in the crypto market despite the current bear trend. 

There are multiple plans for both Stake.com and Alfa Romeo. However, the details about all the plans that they have will be released in the near future. Let’s also not forget that Stake has also closed many different partnerships with other companies and sports figures such as Sergio Aguero and Everton Football Club, among others. 

Bijan Tehrani, the co-founder of Stake, mentioned that they want to expand their opportunities for fan engagement. On that matter, he said:

“We could not be more thrilled to join a legendary F1 team that shares with us the same ambitions of growth and success. Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake will expand our opportunities for fan engagement through brand integration and activation.”

At the same time, he mentioned that they are working in order to enhance race weekend and create a unique experience for Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake fans. As he explained, there is a large and growing audience engagement in the digital arena and this could be a unique opportunity for the Team and for Stake. 

The surprising thing about this partnership is related to the timing. It is very common to see companies in the crypto industry sign expensive and large partnerships with known firms when Bitcoin (BTC) and digital currencies grow. Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market has been in a bear trend that lasted over a year (since November 2021). 

Multiple companies have already collapsed and Bitcoin fell below $16,000 a few months ago for the first time in years. This situation has pushed the confidence of investors in virtual currencies to the lowest level in years as well. Many companies reduced their workforce and others are not as profitable as they were when the market was moving higher. 

Therefore, the new partnership between Stake and the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team shows that there is a clear thought about the future and to build something that goes further than just price speculation. It will be a matter of time to see how this evolves and whether there will be new and exciting opportunities for both companies and the people impacted by it. 


Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents