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Stellar Development Foundation Postpones Protocol 20 Upgrade Due to Bug Discovery

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Delay in Stellar’s Protocol 20 Upgrade Amid Security Concerns

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has postponed the Stellar blockchain network’s highly anticipated Protocol 20 upgrade, initially scheduled for January 30. This decision comes after identifying a bug in Stellar Core v20.1.0 that could affect Soroban transactions. The bug, discovered on January 25, specifically impacts fee-bumped Soroban transactions, leading to the possibility of incorrect handling of refunds. This issue was uncovered shortly before the planned rollout, prompting the SDF to prioritize network safety and stability over adhering to the original upgrade schedule.

Collaborative Decision-Making and Future Steps

In a blog post dated January 27, the SDF highlighted its dedication to ensuring the network’s preparedness for the upgrade while stressing the significance of consensus within the Stellar ecosystem. The foundation has deactivated its validators to prevent them from voting for the upgrade, underscoring that the decision to proceed rests with the entire network of validators, not solely with the SDF. As of December 2023, the Stellar network comprised 43 validator nodes. The SDF has committed to resolving the bug and ongoing discussions with other validators to plan the next steps.

Stellar’s Continued Development and Community Engagement

The delay in the Protocol 20 upgrade represents a crucial phase in Stellar’s evolution, especially with the incorporation of Soroban. This smart contract platform went live on a testnet in October 2022. The introduction of Ethereum-style smart contracts through Soroban is expected to expand Stellar’s payments and asset tokenization capabilities significantly. The SDF assures that a fix for the bug should be available within two weeks and will work closely with validators to set a new date for the Protocol 20 vote.

In the meantime, the Stellar community and developers are encouraged to stay updated through channels such as the Stellar Dev Discord and developer mailing lists. The SDF’s approach to this issue exemplifies its commitment to cooperation and consensus, ensuring the upgrade’s success once it is ready to be implemented.

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