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Strike Expands To Africa Pioneering Financial Inclusion Through Bitcoin

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Strike, a Bitcoin-focused payments application, is making significant strides in expanding its services to the African continent. This strategic move aims to address the unique financial challenges faced by many African nations, leveraging blockchain technology to provide accessible and efficient financial solutions.

Unlocking Financial Innovation In Africa

The recent announcement of “Strike Africa” represents the company’s commitment to unlocking financial innovation across the continent. By offering services such as buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether’s dollar stablecoin (USDT), local fiat currency on-ramps and off-ramps, and global payments via Bitcoin’s Lightning network, Strike aims to empower individuals to navigate economic uncertainties stemming from high inflation rates and devaluing currencies.

Rising Cryptocurrency Adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria, is on the rise. The recent plummet of the Nigerian naira against the US dollar has prompted individuals to turn to digital assets as a hedge against local currency devaluation. Strike Africa recognizes the immense opportunities for financial innovation and economic freedom presented by this trend.

Seizing Opportunities Amid Economic Turbulence

Strike’s expansion aligns with the broader trend of Bitcoin and stablecoins being sought after for savings and remittances in developing countries facing financial instability. By providing cost-effective and rapid transactions through Bitcoin’s Lightning network, Strike aims to be a game-changer in Africa’s financial landscape amid inflation and currency devaluation.

Contribution To Financial Inclusion

The introduction of Strike Africa not only caters to the growing demand for cryptocurrency solutions but also underscores Strike’s commitment to being a global player. By extending its reach beyond initial markets in the US and El Salvador, the company is contributing to the ongoing narrative of financial inclusion, providing individuals in Africa with the means to navigate economic challenges and explore innovative avenues for wealth creation.


Strike’s expansion to Africa signifies a significant step towards pioneering financial inclusion through Bitcoin. By offering accessible and efficient financial solutions, Strike aims to empower individuals and businesses across the continent, fostering economic empowerment and embracing the intersection of technology and finance for the betterment of African communities.

Table of Contents


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