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SwissBorg, the Wealth Management ICO Based on Smart Contracts

The Swiss private banking system is about to change. SwissBorg is the new wealth management solution owned by you. SwissBorg is based in community trust that will create a tailor-made investment mandate for you. The wealth management solution will offer a highly optimized portfolio management, the latest payment solutions and an extremely secure exchange.

SwissBorg aims to create a democratic, decentralised and professional ecosystem to manage portfolios of crypto assets. An important point of this ICO is that they do not distinguish between individuals, financial experts or DAO’s (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

Smart Contracts, Decentralization, Meritocracy and Cryptography

This will be the first WealthTech Startup in the crypto market that will offer tailor-made investment services. The smart contracts based in the Ethereum network will be part of the smart investment mandate. The meritocratic system that SwissBorg believes in will allow the community to contribute to the platform and be rewarded for its contributions. Individuals are precious, this is why SwissBorg is open for financial experts, DAO’s and individuals without experience in the matter.

The Cyborg Advisor is another key feature of SwissBorg. Those are sophisticated investment strategies with the best technological tools based on Artificial intelligence algorithms, helping holistically manage your assets with ease. For more details, you can read the Swissborg whitepaper.

Swissborg ICO

SwissBorg will launch two different tokens. SB Cryptallion Token (CSB) and the SwissBorg CHSB Token (CHSB). The first one will benefit from Cryptallion – Multi Strategy Hedge Fund. Its main objective is to achieve sustainable absolute returns in cryptocurrencies, while maintaining a lower level of volatility and risk through the use of diversified strategies.

The second one, the SwissBorg CHSB will enable holders to vote on technical project development as well as receive sharing revenue from the SwissBorg Network.

The ICO starts on November the 21st 2017 for both tokens. The CSB Token goal is to rise 350.000 ETH; the unsold tokens will be destroyed (CSB is ETC-20). The distribution of the funds will be as follows: 50 percent of Fund Performance Distributed, 40 percent reinvested in the fund and 10 percent distributed to SwissBorg Network.

Regarding the CHSB Token, the ICO goal is to reach 50.000.000 CHF and it will have a fixed supply with 1,000,000,000 Tokens. As the CSB, the CHSB is ERC-20. The CHSB token will appear in the exchanges as soon as the ICO ends.

“As soon as C-Share technology (or an equivalent) is ready to operate, each CHSB Token holder will be entitled to receive SwissBorg C-Share in exchange for a CHSB Token,” reads SwissBorg web page.

DAO’s are becoming more and more important in a tokenized world. SwissBorg understands that and focuses its investments providing solutions to those new businesses. Besides that, by linking in-chain and off-chain investments, SwissBorg can give an answer to every kind of industry and company.

Swissborg1 - SwissBorg, the Wealth Management ICO Based on Smart Contracts

Swiss Borg Team and Partners

Cyrus Fazel is the CEO and Founder of SwissBorg. Anthony Lesoismier is the CSO and Co-Founder. Christophe Diserens is the COO. Maxime Gillot is the CIO. Marco Guerreiro is the Head of Quantitative Strategies. Micha Roon is the Smart Contract Expert. Olga Vorobyeva is the Head of PR and CM. Maëlle Baud is the Head of Digital Marketing. Other members of the team are Colin Wirz, Tomas Hanak, Deni Dudaev, Mai Kiguchi, Ken Yagami, Jeremy Baumann and Daniel De Sousa.

SwissBorg Partners include enterprises and institutions like Ambisafe, Swiss Finance Start-ups, Swiss Finance Technology Association, Swiss Banking Advisory, BitGo and Crypto Valley. Besides this , they already got some media attention from Forbes.


SwissBorg is a financial ICO that respects the fundamental values of the blockchain technology: fairness, accessibility, transparency and trust. The Swiss banking sector its expanding its boundaries to cryptocurrencies and cryptography. Customizable investments for individual investors and businesses or DAO’s make of SwissBorg an innovative ICO based in the Ethereum platform.


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