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TE-Food Farm-To-Table Traceability Solution Is Now Listed On KuCoin

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te-food and kucoin partnership

KuCoin is one of the most exceptional cryptocurrency exchanges founded in 2011. It has an excellent reputation for listing promising blockchain based projects as part of their state-of-the-art platform.

As for today, they are thrilled to announce that they have listed TE-Food. Trading and deposits are now in full effect.

TE-Food Top To Bottom Food Supply Solution

TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table traceability solution that covers all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It implements cost-effective software and identification tools to secure livestock and fresh food supply information understandable.

TE-FOOD is the first and only fresh food ecosystem which merges supply chain businesses, consumers, and governments/authorities to enhance food safety, eliminate food deceptions, and reduce costs of the supply chain corporations.

There are identification tools applied to livestock, transports, and fresh food packages to follow the items throughout the whole supply chain. Fresh food products in retail can be traced back to their origins together with food safety-related information.

TFD Transaction token

TFD will be a token to operate and transfer value within the TE-FOOD ecosystem. Technically, it will be a stable coin, secured to USD. TFD will be only utilized within TE-Food’s blockchain, once it’s ready and functional.

Originally, TFD will be used to interpret the transactions produced by the users of the ecosystem. In practice, the transaction possibility of TFD sub-licenses refers to the number of TFD tokens. Once a trade is made, the TFD equivalent transferred out from the holder’s wallet. The TFD goes to the providers enabling the service and the network infrastructure.

Later, as the ecosystem develops, TFD is designed to be used to hold and transfer any other value amongst the participants of the ecosystem. There are various potential use cases for such value transfer, which can be implemented later to make the system a living and automated ecosystem.

Table of Contents


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