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TerraGreen Aims At Creating A Better World By Generating Energy from Bio Waste

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Around 100 billion metric tons of biomass waste gets produced each year, and as these wastes get rotten and decompose, they release gases such as methane which is very hazardous gas for the environment.

Even though countries around the world come up with various projects to ensure proper waste management, most of them do not work well due to lack of technology and interest.

TerraGreen is a platform that aims at reducing the impact of biowaste on our environment by turning them into renewable energy products which will have high value and demand.

What is TerraGreen?

TerraGreen is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which means that the platform runs on a pre-defined set of rules and instructions that can be changed by the people using the platform.

TerraGreen makes use of the blockchain technology to ensure that all meaningful transactions done within the platform including economic transactions are recorded in a public ledger and cannot be changed by anyone.

How Does TerraGreen Work?

The TerraGreen platform primarily works as a medium where renewable energy producers and consumers can network. Such a mechanism helps producers to implement the right amount of technology as required by the consumers thus increasing profit margin.

TerraGreen features an incentive program where people can earn rewards depending on the various functions that they perform within the platform.

TerraGreen coins are used to ensure the privacy and security of all the economic transactions done on the platform. TerraGreen coins are backed by smart contracts and assets that guarantees higher liquidity.

Apart from blockchain, below are the technologies that make the TerraGreen platform evolve and adapt to growing demand and requirements.

  • TerraGreen Big Data: TerraGreen-BD makes use of big data technology to increase the efficiency of supply chain and waste management in real-time.
  • TerraGreen Adaptive Intelligence: TerraGreen-ADI helps the platform to forecast and scale the efficiency of the renewable energy generation plants for optimum output.
  • TerraGreen Internet Of Things: TerraGreen-IoT helps in real-time monitoring and maintenance of the various facilities that are involved in the energy generation process with minimal labor and time investment.

Final Words

The team behind TerraGreen has over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry.

TerraGreen is an attempt to make use of blockchain technology to create an ecosystem where there exist proper demand and supply of renewable energy from biowaste.

What makes TerraGreen different from other similar projects is the combination of various technologies within the platform that makes TerraGreen a transparent, self-sustaining and evolving micro-management platform for waste management.


Table of Contents


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