The Noah Project Promises New Ways to Send Money and Pay for Services

· 15 May 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home, Press Release
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Few developments in the recent past have taken the world by storm and have been as disruptive as blockchain technology has. By enabling different parties to engage in the exchange of assets without having to rely on a third-party such as banks or the government for verification or arbitration, blockchain has promised the world quicker and more secure transactions, higher levels of transparency and reliability, freedom from exploitation and fraud, and quicker and lower-cost access to markets worldwide.

Because of these benefits, it is no wonder that there are so many viable and high-profile blockchain-based projects underway all over the world in everything from investment, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, and operations to education, sports, entertainment, and health care. Digital tokens in their many different forms, as well as the blockchain that they run on, are revolutionizing the very fabric of world trade.

Many blockchain projects, however, suffer from a major hurdle: that of adoption and ease of use. It is no good to develop a great solution to a problem that no one wants to use or to have one so complex that no one can practically implement it even if they wanted to. These issues are of particular importance to finance and trade projects based on blockchain technology because of the added complexity of having to secure user funds, adhere to local laws, and integrate new tools and approaches with traditional ways of doing business. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and replacing old, redundant business practices with new, efficient ones is a slow and gradual process, not one that can take place overnight.

Recognizing these important facts, the Noah Project was launched in 2016 to create a very intuitive solution that seamlessly integrates a number of important trade-specific features that could all be used by customers, merchants, and traders. The Noah Ecosystem comprises remittances, mobile money, discounts, and trading services, all of which give its users a unique and viable alternative to traditional methods of doing business that are slower and more costly. Furthermore, the project is targeted at the large demographic of tech-savvy enthusiasts, and it is this upwardly mobile and growing group that will be able to experience the Noah ecosystem’s optimized services that allow for using cryptocurrency in its projects.

To better appreciate how the Noah ecosystem, and the NOAHCOIN that runs it, will bring about benefit to system users, consider the following: work is already underway on a number of ambitious projects such as a resort type senior living community, residential real estate, and organic agriculture programs, all of which will utilize NOAHCOIN for trade and exchange. The Noah ecosystem will allow members to participate in these as well as other exclusive projects, all of which are spearheaded by the Noah Foundation itself.

After successful funding rounds that raised a total of US$110 million in funding, the Noah Project has already begun the development of its cryptocurrency system for cross-border remittances, business payments, as well as its own cryptocurrency wallet specifically designed for use by participants in the larger project ecosystem. It will allow users to store, transfer, and trade cryptocurrencies and NOAHCOIN tokens within the Noah ecosystem, as well as in all of its upcoming development projects, generating a snowball effect and expanding user base and increasing trading volumes. All of the above will occur within the native ecosystem that provides the benefits that blockchain was designed to provide: security, transparency, and low-cost access to trade and markets.

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