This Week’s Biggest Crypto Conferences — September 18

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After a worthy of remembering 2017, the year 2018 is still an excellent year for all things cryptocurrency, despite the bearish market and various unpleasant events. Over the course of this year, the cryptocurrency and blockchain space became an even more attention-getting industry in the world.

As it turns out, 2018 is a particularly good year for cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences of which there are in spades. The second half of September promises to be just as good as the first half of the month.

If you’re interested in finding out which are some of the most exciting crypto conferences from this week, make sure to check out our list below:

Global Islamic FinTech Summit (18-19 September 2018)

The Global FinTech Summit that is set to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the beginning of the second half of September is the world’s first global Islamic fintech summit of this sort.

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The summit is expected to bring together well over 600 crypto aficionados. The initiative will feature regional and international leaders in the FinTech and Islamic finance fields such as entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, ecosystem supporters, bankers, and regulators. The event helps to highlight the huge potential of the rising Islamic interest in technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the summit aims to discuss the current trends in the Islamic FinTech ecosystem, analyze the implications of FinTech in the financial environment, streamline solutions to help the Islamic FinTech environment to grow, as well as catalyze on innovation and start-up growth.

The speaker list includes big names such as Mulia Salim (Deputy CEO – BTPN Syriah Indonesia), David Vicary (MD DVA Consulting and Advisor), Datuk Radzif Mohd Yunus (Chairman Ethis Ventures), Adrian Gunadi (CEO at Investree), Mr. Aminnurllah Mustapah (MD at AAMCommodities), Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Azmi Omar (PCEO – INCIEF – Malaysia), Azrina Azmel (Asst. GM at Seccom), Amir Mohamed (Masterplan Center Chief Executive Office), Mr. Ali Allwala (CEO at the Standard Chartered Saadiq Bank), and many others.

World Ethical Data Forum (19-20 September, 2018)

The World Ethical Data Forum is one other exciting conference that crypto fans should be looking forward to. The 2-day event is scheduled to take place in Barcelona and brings together over 500 attendees, 10 sponsors, over 30 media partners, as well as more than 20 speakers.

Some of the hottest topics of the conference include Innovation in Blockchain, The crypto-economy, ICO formation, Mass data, Artificial intelligence, Encryption and privacy technologies, GDPR, Media freedoms, and Machinations of government.

Some of the most noteworthy headline speakers include Jennifer Robinson, Ralph Merkle, Annie Machon, and David Brin. The list of featured speakers includes Vikal Kapoor, Adiba Khalik, Chris Cleverly, Dr. Fenglian Xu, Philippe van Nedervelde, Simon Thompson, Randall Newton, Chloe Ipert, Jean-Philippe Beaudet, Maria Magdalena, and Alberto Grisone.

GI2: Global Innovation Institute (20-21 September 2018)

The GI2: Global Innovation Institute promises to be another impressive conference. The 2-day event is scheduled to take place between 20 and 21 September in Paris, France’s capital city.



The attendees will be entertained by 61, internationally-acclaimed speakers such as Mustafa Al-Bassam (Software Engineer and Political Activist), Patrick Armstrong (Senior Officer at Financial Innovation European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)), Samir Assaf (CEO at Global Banking and Markets HSBC), Vivek Bajaj (Global Vice President at Watson Financial Services Solutions IBM Industry Platforms), Cecile Bartenieff (CEO at Global Banking and Investor Solution at Societe Generale), and Keith Bear (Vice President for IBM’s Financial Markets Division).

The event has various exciting topics in store for its attendees such as What do Regulatory and Technology Changes Mean for Financial Centers?, What will Capital Markets look like in 2025?, The Global Policy Leaders’ Roundtable: Cross-Border Regulation of New Technologies, Keynote Presentation: Predicting the Next Big Disruptor in Financial Services, Keynote Presentation: The Cloud and Capital Markets, and Cyber Security Operational Implementation: The Industry And Supervisor Roundtable.

World Blockchain Summit India (20-21 September 2018)

India is currently at the forefront of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, at least when it comes to interest displayed by its population towards such technologies. The World Digital Mining Summit is proof that India has the potential of becoming one of the biggest crypto and blockchain markets.

With its 44 speakers and enough topics to keep even the most pretentious attendees well satisfied and entertained, this 2-day conference aims to help bring the blockchain industry a bit closer to the financial services, clean energy, and agriculture sectors.

The event’s impressive speaker list includes Miko Matsumura (Founder of Evercoin), Wesam Lootah (CEO at Smart Dubai Government Establishment), Nick Ayton (Founder of Chainstarter), Jason Goldberg (CEO of Simple Token), Jeremy Millar (Chief of Staff at ConsenSys), Nikolay Shkilev (co-founder, TOP ICO Advisors), Julie Maupin (Director of Social Impact for the IOTA Foundation and FinTech Advisor), to name a few.

World Digital Mining Summit (21-23 September 2018)                    

The Digital Mining Summit is scheduled to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the Hualing Hotel and will feature over 30 speakers, 50 mining companies, 1000 attendees such as miners, mining machine manufacturers, as well as mining pools and hashrate owners and representatives.

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Some of the event’s most noteworthy speakers include Roger Ver (CEO of, Jihan Wu (CEO of Bitmain), Yu Fang (CEO of Bitkan), Sean Walsh (CEO of HyperBlock), Marco Streng (CEO of Genesis Mining), and Batyr Hydyrov (CEO of Uminers).

These are just five examples among the vast number of crypto and blockchain conferences that are bound to take place in the second half of September. Other honorable mentions of crypto conferences that will take place this week include the Brazil FinTech Roadshow (18-19 September), Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv (19 September), IMTC Asia 2018 (19-21 September), CoinAlts Fund Symposium (19-21 September), Blockchain in Oil and Gas 2018 (20-21 September), and the Baltic Honeybadger 2018 Bitcoin conference.

Have fun learning about crypto!


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